Ahh tomorrow is the big day! I’m starting to get a tad nervous. I’m sure everything will come out perfectly fine and I will be tremendously happy with the results, but the whole thing is still a little nerve-wracking. It’s 10 minutes to 11 PM now and my mom should be arriving to the airport in the next hour or so. Eric is asleep on my shoulder at the moment, but will be looking over Marlowe while I swing to the airport to scoop up my mom. Marlowe is asleep in her crib, but I’m sure she’ll be waking up sometime soon for food. I can actually here her tossing a little bit now. And now a little squeaky cry……

Ah, a few tears and another feeding later she is back in the adult bed…. I’m sure it’ll be a lot easier to keep her sleeping in the crib once she has more than breastmilk in her tummy. Oh well. I deleted (temporarily suspended) my facebook account for the week in attempt to stimulate my brain with a little bit more than facebook garbage. I’ve been reading more and getting a few more tasks done. It’s been pretty nice to be without it, but I have realized how much I really use facebook to keep in touch with people *Louisa, if you read this: THIS LINK is for you). Tomorrow will be very exciting and very boring– It’s going to be hard to do NOTHING but lay here with my eyes closed after surgery. Maybe I can catch up on phone conversations? Probably not. I think the hardest part will be the first hour after surgery where you are brought to the waiting room and forced to sit with your eyes closed for an hour. An hour of darkness to lay and wonder what will happen when you finally are able to open your eyes and look around. Wondering if everything went as it was supposed to or not. It’s a bit overwhelming. Wish me luck.

A very messy mod-podge of veggies sandwich.
Jerry’s special meal of lentils and veggies. His stomach didn’t like his new dog food so he’s been getting this instead.
Pressed sandwich made with Michelle’s bread to accompany my tomato soup.
Best ever painting of Jerry from Cassie (Eric’s niece).
Basket of Marlowe toys near the bed for constant baby teething entertainment.
Pizzeria. We attempted to sit outside and quickly moved inside when we realized what true Florida wimps we’ve become.
Eric and I definitely felt her little tooth coming in. She will grab peoples fingers (or whatever is around) and guide them straight into her mouth.
Getting a baby to sleep.
Giraffes and teddybears. 
Eric falls asleep on my arm while I upload pictures/begin blogging.
&wakes up from the red light flash and shutter sound.
&finally, at this moment: my two favorite loveys. 

12:22AM! Time to pick up my mom! I can’t wait to snuggle back up in bed and then get tomorrow done with! Eeeee! It’s so scary, but so incredibly exciting!

PS. I never expected to have this blog be such a hit so quick! (I only started it in July!) It’s pretty amazing to know people enjoy my blog. Thank you guys. You rule. 

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Update: It is now 7 in the morning. Difficult teething baby is difficult. Maybe the darkness will be nice tomorrow today. 


  1. That photo of the veggies on the floor made me burst out laughing. Dogs are so silly.

  2. Thanks guys!

    @claudia: 1: thanks! 2: you actually could eat jerrys food! It was just veggie scraps and lentils! 3: thanks! 4: what? no! weird!

  3. Hope your eye surgery went well. I envy you, giving up the facebook. I get so many nursing school updates on there I can't get rid of it. It's such a waste of time.

    Marlowe is adorable, as always.

  4. OK, a few things

    #1- good luck today, hope all goes well and enjoy the darkness/time off

    #2- Can I have Jerry's food? YUM!
    You are such a good cook. I too had tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner last night

    #3- I love your place!!!!!

    #4- Has Marlowe started chewing on your chin yet?