I don’t have a photo editing program, but I did ask Eric to please try to get some of the lasik red dot out of my eye. Just like the doctor said— the red would get worse before it got better. Waugh waugh. I should have also asked Eric to edit some makeup on me too! I’m not allowed to do that for another week! heh.

Please vote while I attempt to wash my hair for the first time without getting my face or eyes wet. Yes, no face washing for two weeks either. I feel dirty.


  1. I love love love your couch.
    I keep telling my hubby that I want that couch!!

    I think the new hair looks ADORABLE on you 🙂

  2. Your couch is not just beautiful, but that pillow with the skeletons is fabulous! You and baby cakes look great : ) feel better!

  3. love the hair! i need to make my appt to chop mine but i'm so scared but i feel excited after seeing how adorable you look.