I have to take a parenting class made for the Florida court system. In reality, “parenting class” is a nice way of saying “divorce class”. In reality, it’s stupid– really stupid. My lawyer assures me Marlowe’s father will also be taking the course… but really… is it necessary for me to be taking 4 hours away from my daughter to take this course? NO. I’ve been her sole parent (and a wonderful parent) since she was in my belly. Her father and I are not getting a divorce– he was never there. She will experience parents that live in separate states because her father chose to leave before she was born, not because I will put her through a divorce. So, now, thanks to her wonderful father’s unnecessary actions we will both be taking this ridiculous course. I’m sure it will be incredibly difficult for him to take 4 hours away from his night time outings to bars, restaurants, friends houses, or 4 hours from his downtime after work at home doing nothing to take the course. While I will be forced to take this course taking time away from Marlowe… reading and answering questions while feeding my daughter, taking breaks to change her, finding toys she drops, and doing my best to entertain her while not being able to give her more attention that she deserves.  I will most likely lose at least one meal and a shower because of this. Stupid.
Well, times up on module one… onto module two.

< /end angry slightly sarcastic rant>


  1. @claudia – you're right 🙂 did you see the chair in your post is now in rocking chair form? So tempting.

  2. Well, good luck. I just know I would have loved for my father to make an attempt at a relationship. For Marlowe's sake, I hope it all works out. I know it's hard, my parents really hated each other and even later on in life when my father tried to make the (unwanted by me at that point) effort, my mother never said a bad word about him, as hard as it was for her, she kept positive around me and encouraged a relationship because she knew it was the "right" thing to do for me.

  3. @Cassie – Thanks lady <3

    @ohiobaconclubblog- Thanks! She is adorable! she is eating/playing with the carrot rattle I made for her right now! The smaller fruit toys are from http://www.blablakids.com/ I wanted them for a long time– they are super cute but she doesn't care for them AT ALL. I think maybe cause the size and shape? I do want to get her a dollie from the site though. I think she would much prefer those! Much easier to grab!
    As far as her father– I try not to write about the negative stuff too much so its easy to believe he is trying, but the reality is he hasn't done anything for her other than a few gifts and he has been more harmful than beneficial in her. But people change, maybe he will too! We can only hope for Marlowes sake that he does 🙂

  4. Just found your blog on 'Top Baby Blogs' and read the whole thing! Your daughter is adorable! I love her with the little fruit toys!

    Good luck with everything, it seems you should be grateful her father is trying to be in her life. Many fathers just disappear and it appears hers is making an effort.