Things have been pretty miserable around here lately. I’ve been stuck in the house with an inconsolable teething baby and very rainy dark weather. I need a break, but of course parenting is a 24 hour job and I have no break. Marlowe’s nap time is my eating, showering, cleaning time. Marlowe’s feeding is my blogging time. There are rarely any other moments where I can just sit and relax. Need more time? Need more hands? Need more space? Parents do. I need a cure-all for this crying. I need a cure-all for everything I need to accomplish while raising this little one. I need a cure-all for this past week. I need a cure-all for this lack of sleep, teething, and fussing.

Marlowe needs a mouth cure-all.
So while things continue being difficult… my in-the-mean-time-cure-all will have to be: focusing on all the little good things going on around me. There sure are a lot of good things and the rain will stop and the teething will eventually end. That being said, now onto all the little things around me that have put a smile on my face:
New bumpers for Babycake’s crib. Fabric chosen by mama. Awesomeness made by Heidi.
bumpers teething baby


Baby butts.
red velvet
Vegan red velvet cupcakes. Beetle free. (sorry).
Marlowe sleeping an extra hour one day this week giving mama time for a proper breakfast.
icecream pie
Ice cream pie from Babycakes vegan cookbook. Heidi gave me the book for Christmas. It was more than fitting considering 1) I’m vegan 2) Marlowes nickname is Babycakes 3) Since pregnancy I enjoy sweets. I’m still not good at baking and I don’t really have time for it so Heidi made the crust and it is sitting in my freezer until I make ice cream this week. NOM.
waiting dog
Jerry .
little grilled cheese
Tiny dualing grilled cheeses’. One vegan. One with mustard (ew).
Late night and early morning sewing while baby sleeps.
One more. To be sent off tomorrow. (Sorry bout the wrinkles)
retro indie market
Looking forward to this and helping Heidi set up the booth.
toy mouth
Awesome wooden teethers making it into Babycakes mouth.
toy mouth turtle
A content little face that takes all the previous screaming bad vibes away.
Other pleasing things (not pictured): clear vision (still so crazy– it boggles my mind grapes) and short wet hair not bothering my neck.

&While I have your attention (if I have your attention): another thing that has really been making my days brighter is all the warm and wonderful comments and emails I receive from you guys– my readers. Thank you. Really. I’m sorry I’m slow to respond to emails and especially with comments, but they really do mean a lot to me! A whole lot. Also, I’m sorry if I don’t comment on other’s blogs as much as I should, but I do read them! I swear! I’m working on responding and commenting more. Thank you again<3

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  1. @mommatojoa- Thank you 🙂 Floral = best thing ever. I could have a house solely of floral…. and maybe some stripes 🙂

    @bekah- I don't think I've mentioned yet that I love your daughters name. I hope she's feeling better <3

    @b harper- thank you 🙂

    @Claudia- sun came out here. I'm assuming down there too 🙂

  2. @Emily- Thank you! I have tried MOST of those things. I need to try the other few. It's hard cause she gets so frustrated and doesn't have a lot of coordination yet to keep things in her mouth.

    @Jennifer- Seriously. I want to squeeze her little cheeks and make allt he pain go away. I have the Boiron Camilla (SP?) drops (the vegan version of the hylands) and they seem to sometimes work. 🙂

    @Kathleen- Heidi (erics mom) made the bumpers. I'm so excited. They came out so nice 🙂

    @Holly- We should start doing dishes in the shower.

    @Carey- I think I'm going to go eat a cupcake now! You should too. Or make the pies!

    @Nikki- Always gotta try to stay positive, right? 🙂

  3. her room is lovely. just lovely!
    Hylands make homeopathic teething tablets. they always relieved Lily a bit. you can get them at cvs.
    check them out if you haven't already!
    btw, it gets harder to entertain them in the rain as they get older. yesterday was a nightmare!!

  4. Every picture in this post is gorgeous -I adore your nursery and those poor teething baby tears make my heart ache!

  5. I know how this feels mama!
    I hope baby feels better soon. Ocean is fevering and has been SUPER whiny and grating on my every nerve for the past 2 days. On those days I have to be okay with being super lazy and letting my house fall apart, which is so hard for me…yuck.


  6. I seriously LOVE your style!
    I love all the floral!

    Marlowe is gorgeous and I hope her teething days will be short and you both can relax and get some sleep.

  7. Aww the first picture just breaks my heart with those big sappy tears, hopefully the teething ends sooner rather then later.

    Glad to see your staying positive while in hard times like these. 🙂

    She is getting so big a beautiful!

  8. I love posts like these, and sometimes find myself doing the same. Sometimes a cupcake and a cute baby bottom can make the rain disappear for a minute or two.

    Hope you have so much fun at the indie market! I love craft fairs…so many ideas and fun people!

    -carey @yellowsquarelove

  9. I so feel your pain. This teething business is crap. My little one is going through the same thing. Some days I just want to cry with her cause I feel so helpless (not to mention in need of a break) Hang in there! I'm sure you've tried it but that homeopathic hylands gel seems to help a bit (or at least she likes when I put it on and rub her gums)