Holy crap. This was by far the fastest month yet. It seems like just a few days ago I was taking four month photos with Marlowe laying down. Now she’s constantly sitting up, rolling around, crab walking, and attempting to stand. We practiced sitting for a few weeks until one day while skyping with her grandma and she did it on her own! Now she’s a pro and is happy sitting there with toys in front of her grabbing each and everyone to put her mouth. If you grab her hands she excitedly pulls herself up. Now we practice standing on an everyday basis– if she’s like her mama she’ll never crawl and be stubborn enough to start walking at 8 months. Her eyes are still a dark blue and sometimes brown, her hair is growing, and her feet are still huge. She’s still on a steady diet of breast milk and I couldn’t be happier.  In the beginning I doubted I could make it past the two month mark, but here we are 5 months along and still happily and healthily breast-feeding. We have introduced the tiny bit of cereal each night an hour or two before bedtime, she then receives one last dosage of boobs, heads to dreamland and sleeps soundly ’til morning. That’s right– she’s sleeping through the night… and I couldn’t be happier. She wakes up again (usually) around 6 or 7 where I bring her back into my bed for another feeding and a few more hours of sleep. She has a few moods: happy talkative baby, content silent baby, teething angry baby, aggressive energetic baby— I love all of them.

Marlowe is without a doubt the bee’s knees. 


  1. oh we hit my little monster's 5 month mark yesterday! why is time moving at warp speed?! marlowe is a living DOLL! i lovelovelove her little red shoes <3

  2. your daughter is so beautiful. i love that you're still exclusively nursing at five months and feel no pressure to throw food into her mouth. awesome! i'm currently nursing my second, baby boy ezra, and i love it immensely, too. your blog is amazing. i'm a vegan and i need more vegan blogs in my life. i'm so awed by the way you live, it's so inspiring. i'm hooked!

  3. pure sweetness!! and i LOVE the fluffy bum 🙂 cloth diapers are great…

  4. What a beautiful daughter you have! Love her sense of style – such an adorable dress! 🙂

  5. Those eyelashes are too much!!! She is beautiful. People say that all the time about babies, I know, but she really is!

  6. She is soooo adorable!! Seriously, I say that every time I read your blog.

    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out:)

  7. She is so pretty! I love that dress.

    The months just keep going by father and faster, I know. It seems like only a few weeks ago my daughter was 5 months old and now she's about to be 13 months.

  8. Uh yeah, that just might be the cutest dress I've ever seen! And of course baby girl is a doll. 🙂 Happy 5 months!

  9. Um, can I have that dress in my size?


    Okay….I'm pretty sure it wouldn't look nearly as cute on me as it does her.

    Happy five months!