My friend Michelle contacted me: “There’s an organic veggie co-op. If we share it would be 25$ each. Are you interested?” No details or anything– I quickly responded with a “Yes! Please! Sign me up!” And so here we are, two weeks later, with an amazing amount of organic veggies and fruits ready and waiting for me to gobble them all up. I’m so excited.

apples, oranges, sweet potato, bananas (gross), tomatoes, spinach, bibb lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, mangoes, jicama, broccoli, celery.
Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom.
You know it’s organic when you can see the sunshine through the snail holes.
If anyone else in the area is interested in taking part in the amazing vegetable share: contact me. 50$ every two weeks for a full organic share. You’d be silly not to take part– unless you enjoy ingesting tons of chemicals, being sterile and unhealthy– then whatever, I can’t help you.
I  really am so excited. I want to eat it all: NOW. Except the bananas. I’m willing to trade bananas for something— anything. I keep my household banana-free.


  1. @Kathleen- I'm only here until august and then there's a good chance me and the little lady will be moving to Erics. Where he has a nice big yard and large planter box already built! (The soil in Florida is awful– planter boxes are much better) It will be glorious! But I 'm going to put that book on my amazon wishlist anyway considering my birthday is less than a month away 🙂

  2. @Tasha: veggie picking with little ones has to probably be the most amazing thing ever… I've never done it, but it really has to be.

    @Bekah: I know right?!

    @Chelsea: yep, hes a cute bugger. clearance- urban outfitters. NOM.

    @Emily:I will most likely shred the jicama in a cabbage/beet slaw. It's also great on tacos or in a salad for a nice crunch.

    @Carey: It's the smell. gag gag gag.

    @Lil Muse Lily: NO BANANAS. I don't do annies. It's awesome something something. I forget the name. I know when I looked into it in Miami it was a bit pricer… but I think you could find something cheaper. If I come across the info I had I'll send it your way.

    @Kathleen: My rental has no yard. I could put planters on my deck, but my lease is up in a few months anyway, so I'm waiting for that yard to come!

    @A13x_00: YES. And we're not alone. I have another vegetarian friend who told me he hates bananas today. Banana haters unite.

  3. Oh my gosh, me too! I feel like the only vegetarian who hates bananas. Those things can stay out of my kitchen! Haha thanks for not making me feel so strange- I always get such wide eyes when I deny any type of banana (banana bread being the #1 thing…apparently if you don't love banana bread you aren't human)

  4. we do a veggie co-op too! We love it, but can't wait to be self sufficient with our own garden 🙂

  5. no bananas? do you not like bananas?
    we do Annie's, is that what you are doing too? ours is $45 a week, for some reason it looks like you get more than we do.

  6. That is an amazing price for a organic co-op! Lucky lady! I love just about every fruit and veggie but can do without bananas. Something with that texture.

    Excited to see what you cook up!

  7. Obviously I need to move somewhere where food grows all year round. Also I'm hella jealous of the sunny-ness in your apartment all the damn time. Goodness it's cold in Vermont. AND there's like 8" of ice in my driveway. Yuck. What do you do with jicama? Don't think I've ever eaten it.

  8. ok:

    your dog – Freakin' CUTE
    that day of the dead pillow – RAD
    those veggies – um, YUM!

  9. There is an organic u-pick seasonal veggie farm by my home and I swear they taste so much better! I won't eat fruit or veggies from the grocery store, they taste horrible compared to organic! I love knowing where it's coming from and putting a little effort into it myself! I can't wait to take Rylin to pick berries and peas when shes older!