Hey lovlies! Check out this video produced and edited by my lovely friend, Christine! It’s about the *Freak Bike Rides* that take place in my city. They have different themes for each one— This is the mustache ride one… and if I’m not mistaken, it will be taking place again soon. I’ve been wanting to journey on one of these rides with my trike, but I was pregnant when I moved back up here and as of now, my stamina is questionable. We will see! I want to one day be on my trike (maybe with little Babycakes strapped in) riding along side these hundreds of people 🙂 *Bonus* – you get to see lovely images of my city and some of the freaks who live in it.

I spy a Steve (a few times)! 🙂 &I spy a bit of Eric too! 

Eric has been on the mustache ride (and a fair amount of others) and I told him if he shaves his beard for the next one, we will have to take a relationship break until his beard grows back ♥ I’m a sweetheart, I know.

Good job Christine! Can’t wait to see some of the other videos you’ve been working on! 🙂


  1. get your freak bike on!! that is so awesome. you should totally join.
    i'm happy about the girl who won. she totally rocked it. she's the mustache queen!!

  2. @sara- you're right! I think the better half of my brain opted to pretend he wasn't there so I wouldn't have to see his mustache. 🙂

    @Kaydeebee: I need more bike (trike) rides in my life. I wish it was legal to have marlowe in the wrap while I did it… it's not like the trike is gonna tip over or anything!

    @carey:have you ever rode a trike? They are HEAVY. Really heavy. Much harder than a bike ride. and I am known for never ever working out or doing any sort of physical activity. When your lady baby gets older you're gonna have to get a seat for her for sure! I'm still working on finding one that works on trikes 🙂
    ps. I've only been in chicago for a few hours one summer. I <3 it.

  3. That looks awesome! We went to a couple of the Critical Mass rides last summer (hundreds of people riding through the city of Chicago for 3+hours the last Friday of every month). It is the most exhilarating feeling.

    You should definitely try to do it! It didn't take much stamina since there are so many people you kind of go slow.

    Trying to figure out a way we can bring baby lady too.

  4. I spied an eric! I forgot what he looked like sans beard. The kiddos enjoyed that.