Congratulations bestgalphotography! (Email me your info and the apron will be shipped out monday) &Thank you everyone else for entering! Like I said, we will be hosting an *ohdeardrea handmade giveaway* every new 100 readers we achieve! So, tell your friends, or your second cousins, or your pets (or whatever) to become a follower and before you know it we’ll be giving away something else! 🙂

You can watch the ridiculous video Eric made to choose the winner: HERE.

By the way, I loved reading all your favorite meals! Vegan– and not! Feel free to leave me a comment with your favorite winter meals to give me some more dinner ideas 🙂

As mentioned the other day, I’ve been quite a busy-bee this week sewing up some rattles for the retro indie market this weekend! I’m really excited— mostly to help Heidi decorate, but if I can make a few bucks it will be an added bonus. Heidi might even be making Marlowe a mini apron to wear! Her cuteness should definitely help us bring in some sales 🙂

Here’s a little peek into what I’ve made so far…
I’m in the process of finishing up the pizza-by-the-slice rattles (stuffing and sewing) and I’ve got quite a few fruit and veggie rattles made. Marlowe seriously loves her rattle, she always goes to that (or that poor chicken) over any other toy she has. So wouldn’t everyone else go for those too? Hopefully! 🙂 I’ll be putting any leftovers (get it? Ha, I need sleep) on my etsy along with a few other items next week or so.
I’ve also picked up a few more amazing fabrics this weekend to start making some more aprons…
What do you think? I kind of love them. 
In other unrelated news… 
links and things you guys might enjoy for your friday:
-Breast pumps are now tax deductible. Story: here
-For all things creative: wunderkabinett. An amazing tumblr run by two of the most creative sisters I’ve ever met.
-For all you babymamas and lover of babymamas: eff yeah fashion mamas
-For all things vegan… fashion, food, lifestyle: the discerning brute
-Ever want to adventure travel? Check out: above the clouds.
-Can’t afford it right now? Friend them on: twitter (or facebook) and see some of the most amazing photos from across the world.
-Like light? I do. For all your lighting needs: yellowsquarelove on etsy. I need all of them. Thanks.
-And since I’ve had a lot of preggo friends, preggo readers, and friends who will be preggo (soon enough) ask me about cloth diapers… this ones for you: dearbabyblog cloth diapering. It explains cloth diapering pretty well so I dont have to! Not that I mind– feel free to ask me anything anytime– I’m always happy to help a sister out 🙂 
This link comes with a note from me… I don’t personally use fuzzibunz. Maybe they are great, maybe not. I don’t know. But I do personally like the all-in-one diapers. Unlike Melissa I’ve never had a sprayer attachment, and I don’t plan to really get one. My sink works fine. Also she mentions having to change the diapers often… I disagree with this. (At least in my case) I have found it is *very rare* for Marlowe to soak through. This basically never happens. Maybe it is because I did a ton of the pre-washing to prep the diapers, maybe its the brand, maybe it’s something else… I don’t know. I’m honestly not even sure how often I change her. She can sit in the diapers for quite a while sometimes and its never been a problem. When she feels wet I change her. I say if you are considering cloth diapers: GOOD! DO IT! It’s been one of the absolute best decisions I’ve made for Marlowe (and me and the planet). The amount of trash I had the first two months disgusted me. This is a hell of a lot better. I was using the chlorine free- 7th generation diapers before I cloth diapered, they were great and all (I still use and love their wipes), but this is so much better. I never spend a dime on diapers anymore and Marlowe’s (adorable) butt stays free of chemicals and diaper rash. Cloth diapering for the win. 
Also, this (dog and baby). I love them and I want to pile on top of them:
Thanks again for entering! Stay tuned for future giveaways. 


  1. Thanks so much for linking up our shopyellowsquarelove! That totally made my day!

    Also, I love your baby rattles. If you have any left over from the craft show I will definitely buy one off of your shop. So cute. I tried to sew a banana the other day and it ended up looking more like a banana pepper! My plushies definitely need some work.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. congrats to the winner!!!
    you have been one busy crafty lady. everything looks awesome! love the new fabric prints.
    have a great weekend!