As I mentioned before, street painting festival was going on this weekend. It’s probably one of the larger (if not, the largest) festivals that take place here in Lake Worth. The first day I was beyond tired, but walked around for curiosities sake. I had never been before and wanted to see how big it was and I wanted see some of the paintings in their beginning stages. Danielle came by, I stuck Babycakes in the sling, and we were out the door. We walked around and in typical Danielle fashion, she tripped and fell. (It’s okay I walked dead center into a pole the next day). There were tons of people, dogs, food, music, and street vendors.

Quickly after arriving, Danielle left and Michelle joined Marlowe and I. We headed back to my house where I could lose the baby sling and grab a stroller. The heat was killer and it was far to hot for my baby carrying equipment… which is frustrating because I am stroller challenged in general— but in crowds? A million times more challenged. 

We walked around some more then joined my brother in Havana Hideout for some much needed shade. We walked another loop around and then headed back to Havana for food… except with zero cash and a hungry baby, I quickly left to fill Marlowe and my stomach at home and to lay down for the rest of the evening. Mama was tired– very very tired.

It was a lot of fun, but day two was even crazier: More people, more food, more friends, a bbq at my house. Pictures later or tomorrow. 
How was everyone else’s weekend? (I could be wrong, but) I heard the weather has been much nicer through the U.S. What about the rest of the world? 🙂

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  1. @Laura: It was actually a hand-me-down I got from a friend. The brand seems to be from sweden… maybe? the brand is "looma"

    @lilmuselily: I'm most likely moving in with eric in august…. just a few miles south. 🙂

  2. you have such cool stuff going on over there all the time. seriously! there was really good work there.
    you said you were moving. where are you going? maybe you answered me on here but i didn't catch it.

  3. Where did you get your sling? I've been looking for one exactly like this, but haven't been able to find one for a reasonable price. Or really at all.

  4. That looks like a freaking blasty blast!!!!

    Las Vegas doesn't have anything close to this! Jelly beans up in here. Jelly beans = jealous.