A huge event has taken place for Babycakes this week: FOOD! I’ve been on the fence between bringing food to Babycakes diet or keeping her solely on milk for a while (another month of two) longer, but my thoughts in baby-raising are: let her show me what she is ready or not ready for. And believe me, she was ready and showing *it’s time to try food* cues all over the place. Every meal I ate she would watch me pick up the food and bring it to my mouth and chew…. and then she would mimic my chewing. Nom nom nom. Even with the cues, part of me has been hesitant, because I want to make sure she is always getting the max number of nutrients possible, and not just filler. But another side of me really couldn’t be more excited to start having her mouth explore new flavors and textures. Food is such a big part of my life and I’ve been dying to share that with her. Every meal I have I want to give her a bite and be like: “Try this Marlowe!” but I can’t (yet).
With (the wonderful) Eric helping, Marlowe experienced whole grain rice cereal with apples (mixed with mama’s milk) for the first (and second) time this week. I only ever see her this excited when I unclip my bra for meal time. I had a *very small* fear that she would turn away from my breasts after trying something new, but of course that didn’t happen. I don’t plan on weaning her for a while– a long while– unless she decides to wean herself, then thats a whole other story, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon. She loves boob time and I love knowing she is getting something vegan, wholesome, and most importantly: healthy and natural.
It was quite a wonderful event with Eric holding Marlowe while mama was doing the messy spoon feeding. Marlowe took one sniff and got excited… I put a tiny bit in her mouth and her face lit up trying to grab the spoon for more. If I stopped for a second she would get upset and want more more more– reaching and grasping for the cup. Every bite was the most amazing thing for her. She would move the cereal in her mouth and suck in her lips so hard to try to swallow it all. This girl is definitely like mama: born to eat.
Bib was handmade by Heidi, fabric picked by Eric. Small serving cup is from Anthropologie.
And really, my breasts aren’t that offended, they are pretty excited to maybe get a break once in a while! Like I said, this girl is an eater.
Speaking of food, all the wonderful *favorite summer food* posts for the giveaway made me hungry and left me wanting some summer food for myself! I asked Eric to bring over vegan hot dogs, yes vegan hot dogs—- if you know me, I hate eating fake meat… so this dinner request was a pleasant surprise for Eric. Michelle came by and we had ourselves an all-american (vegan) summer dinner of hot dogs, crinkle fries, and cole slaw. Nom.


  1. I've been prepping to start my daughter on solids in the next few weeks and have the same fears. Will she want to nurse less? Will my supply be affected? It's always so comforting to know that other mommies go through the same paranoia! Glad to hear your little one enjoyed her first solids!

  2. @Jennifer: I did one tablespoon rice to 3-4 tables spoons milk. It comes out a bit watery still, but I did it with a spoon and she gobbled it up 🙂

  3. Hmm vegan hot dogs huh, I will have to look into that, I'm not vegan but, I feel gross thinking about what's in a hot dog! Blech! And hooray! For Marlowe trying and loving food!

  4. Looks like she enjoyed herself! Another milestone for Marlowe's book.

    -carey @yellowsquarelove.com

  5. we started henry on solids around this age too and i felt the same way. i liked being his only food source but i was also aching to get some new flavors in that little baby mouth of his. he loved avocados best!

  6. That is so darn cute! How much did you give her? I keep thinking it might be time to start Olive on some sort of food. She does the same little mouth movements when I eat and it kills me. Good luck and keep posting fun things you feed her cause its always interesting to learn cause I have no idea!

  7. YAY!!! Marlowe is 4 months right? I started Lily on solids at that time. Rice cereal, mashed bananas, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed avocado(not a winner, she still gags today when i try giving it to her).
    It is all soooo exciting!
    Get ready to start pumping more. 🙂