Marlowe has recently started noticing the puppies. It’s pretty much the cutest thing in the whole world. Jerry has been indifferent to her after his initial meeting with Marlowe. He keeps to himself and ignores her. Veronica knows Marlowe is *off limits* and keeps her distance even though you can see she is craving some attention. Veronica is now at the point where we try to bring her closer to Marlowe and she fears she will be in trouble and runs away.

Last night when Eric was over and we carried Veronica to Marlowe showing her it was okay to get close. Marlowe grabbed and grabbed. And I found myself telling Marlowe to be careful with the dogs instead of having to tell the dogs to be careful with Marlowe. Marlowe’s new walker thing came in the mail today (I hate even admitting I caved and got one, but I did) and she yelled and played until Jerry walked by. She becomes silent and just sits and stares. Being as awesome as I am, I threw a chip crumb over by Marlowe to get him to walk by her. She got so incredibly excited. He ate his crumb and then just kind of sat there. She grabbed at him as much as she could and kept patting his head. He was content. He walked away a few minutes later, but as soon as she held out her arm and Jerry went right back over to sit next to her. I think he’s happy. He has now found a new person to get attention from. I am seriously in love with their new friendship. I really couldn’t have been more excited watching it all take place. Too bad for the dogs— they have no idea what their in for when she becomes a mobile little child.



  1. aw doggies and babies go so well together. best friends 😉 we just have kitties for now but one day will get a pup too!

  2. Cute photos! Isn't it the best thing ever? I was just saying today that I have no idea how people with babies can get by without a dog. My dog can entertain Olive for like an hour and the smile on her face when she grabs at her is just amazing.

  3. That is hilarious. I can just picture his wariness. I love how dogs deal with anything just to get extra affection!