Ah, what a busy yet lovely weekend we’ve had here!  The craft fair was a huge success. Heidi sold so many aprons and was left with some incredibly bare racks at the end of it. I sold a few rattles myself and I was happy, yet surprised to see more of the veggies than pizzas sold. Before the show opened to the public I did a quick round to see what cute things I could find for Marlowe. I purchased two of the sweetest vintage dresses for her within 5 minutes. I was lucky to be able to go early with Heidi to help set up while Eric stayed with at my house with a sleeping Marlowe. I also found some of the cutest rag dolls. Heidi wanted to wait for Marlowe to get there to let her pick her own, but by the time she arrived they were *almost* all sold out– only one little doll left that we quickly snagged.
It was a lot of fun. Heidi brought snacks and tupplewares full of brownies bites. Karen may or may not have snuck in an adult beverage for us 🙂 I ran into a fair amount of friends and met some really lovely strangers. Marlowe loved it. She was very happy and well behaved– she loved all the commotion and people. She was walked around the event so many times by so many friends. It was also nice to see a few other babies there– two younger than Marlowe! I loved seeing other happy and well behaved nursing babies out and about with their crafting and artistic mamas and papas.

Where’s Marlowe?
I think my only complaint is that I hardly took any pictures. There was so much commotion. And once Babycakes came around all hands were completely full and busy. But luckily, a lot of other people came around and took pictures of me and miss. Marlowe. I can’t wait to see them! I’m hoping I can find them all 🙂
This weekends other lovely moments-Dinner at Steve and Kristines. Delicious dinner by Kristine:

White bean mash, roasted veggies, and panzanella. Nom.
Skyping with lovely far away family <3
Sunday morning (afternoon):
 (Eric has been making breakfast on the weekends lately which has been so incredibly great. *breakfast not shown 🙂
New vintage dress with a mish-mash of dresser toys and things.
Tiny musical cranks.
A jar of puppets. Tiny lawn furniture.
New rag doll. & A new tiny wooden doll inside from Michelle: “I bought a doll for Marlowe. It’s me. I can go in her dollhouse” (Something like that)
New found tongue  *with a lovely new headband from the market*
Diner lunch:
Oh dear! The profanity!
Extra large veggie burger.
Last but not least:
A new nose ring for me! This is the 3rd time getting my nose re-pierced. It’s been out for 4 months (since post birth-surgery) and I missed it. I can’t wait for it to heal to get the loop back in 🙂
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  1. 1 – I love you nursing in public! Get 'em :0)

    2 – I'd like to place an order for that vintage dress when she outgrows it, for the twins. Thank you in advance 😉

  2. Voted of course.

    I am seriously jealous of how bright and fun your house is!

    I love the colors and all the cute vintage things you have!

  3. @Jazmyn: Thank you. A lot of her clothes are either thrift store finds, handmade (not by me), or baby gap. Some of her cute dresses were also sent to me by a blog friend in Sweden 🙂

    @purpleautumn: So sweet! Thank you!! This made my day.

    @Annie: I only just found your blog while googling the craft fair! I'm so excited to read and see more of your cute stuff! <3

  4. the craft fair looks SO fun!! oh, and i spotted that little bean pod in one of the pics! ;]

  5. oh mY goodness! How come this is the first time I am seeing your blog. Its so wonderful. I love it. So pretty. Your photos are amazing. I am totally sharing your blog on mine. I shall visit you daily. you have been warned. haha XOXO

  6. what fun!!
    congrats on selling some rattles.
    love Marlowe's dresser with the tree, love the new dress and the hanger.
    fun weekend!