Well this was quite a wonderful and lovely non valentine-y Valentines Day! I think Eric and I talked about poop for a good 15 minutes before Valentines Day was even mentioned at all. The thing is, I do LOVE Valentines Day… I realize its a hallmark holiday and everything, but I still do enjoy the lovey-dovey idea of it… and I even love the pink and red (gasp). I love being romanced and all the extra sweet gestures and all the bells and whistles, but this year was very different. For the first year ever I didn’t really care for any of that– I didn’t need it. I know Eric loves me, he shows me every single day. I don’t need the bells and whistles to prove anything– I am content. But of course, in the spirit of Valentines Day, Babycakes and I still dressed up in some pretty pink dresses 🙂
Why yes! Mama did put Marlowe’s dress on backwards! Oops. 
Like the true romantic that I am: I gave Eric this card last July. Lucky for us we are still dating! 
Heart envelope containing a mixed cd<3
And I was taken out for the usual Pizzeria….
And as an extra Valentines Day gift: Eric put Marlowe to bed while I went out for a few drinks with some friends! 🙂 I asked a few of my single lady friends if they wanted to meet up for a drink… (I know I’m not single, whatever, it was fun) &it was so nice! We had a drink at the wine bar and then headed a few doors down to another bar where some of us had beer and while some drank sangria. I love these ladies. I am so lucky to have found their friendships here in Lake Worth. They are all seriously the most wonderful people. 
We can pretend this is a bottle containing *muy picante* Valentines Day… instead of Valentina Hot Sauce.
“This is my F you face”. Sweet, thanks Anita. 

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  1. <3

    @allison – It's a nice valentines day sentiment huh? 🙂 welcome!

  2. Adorable dress you have on!
    I am glad you have such a wonderful man in your life!

    Looks like a fun ladies night out too! 🙂

  3. 1. remember the time you had hearts on your legs from drawing on your tights? (I don't. but I do remember the story/picture.)
    2. I like your dress! I want to make one cut sort of like that.
    3. In the second picture of you and Marlowe she looks kind of asian. Just say'n.
    4. There is no #4.
    5. I want to have wine beer sexy jazz with you.

    <3 Katie

  4. Oh my gosh I just read the top paragraph of your valentines post and I totally felt/wrote practically the exact SAME valentines sentiments yesterday! We're on the same page sister! <3
    (ps. I'm now following your blog, love it!)

  5. Ahh your dress is to die for! So so cute.

    P.s. Forgive me for totally stalking your blog lately! 🙂