Bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom. It’s a good bag. No complaints. Doubles as a backpack– I’ve never tried it this way.  But really, any large bag would do— this is cute and holds my things: win/win.

I carry A LOT of stuff. I always have. I’m always one of those people with the big purses filled with things “just incase”. I guess people call that “a bag lady” sigh. Now the bag is over run with Marlowe things, but before I would also carry: a bathing suit, a sweater, an ipod, a book, markers, a notebook, and so on. I would have been great on that show “Let’s Make A Deal”. 

  1. wet/dry- dirty diaper bag
  2. bum genius cloth diapers
  3. burp cloth – suitable for spit-up, drool, or salsa messes
  4. extra onesie
  5. pants – in case it goes from hot to not-so-hot
  6. butt wipes case – I only use 7th generation or earth’s best wipes. &a changing pad. (both came with bag)
  7. spare diapers – just in case. 7th generation
  8. pacifier chain
  9. piece of string- you never know- I might need a piece of string!
  10. sun hat/crotchet hat
  11. rattle/teether
  12. head scarf
  13. wallet- $$$$
  14. raybans
  15. pacifier case- when I got this I thought: “how unnecessary” (sorry Julia). Then I had a baby and realized: “how great! I do need a place to keep a pacifier from getting dirty and/or lost!”
  16. wholefoods brand natural hand sanitizer
  17. two types of stain remover- one natural, one not so much.
  18. natural spraymist -for when my armpits start to stink. ew
  19. hand lotion
  20. eye drops – I hate using these things, but I’m supposed to be for a while since having Lasik.
  21. lip balm- I think I’ve used this 3 times in one year. Why do I even carry this?
  22. mac powder foundation- I’m in the process of switching over all my cosmetics to vegan/natural ones. Every time I run out of one thing I make the switch. Unfortunately, I go through my make-up so slowly that I still have this a year later. (Yes, I’d rather use a non-vegan product, than create unnecessary waste.)
  23. boiron camilia teeth drops– I’ve been using these for a while and just added them to the purse since the India-Fest incident.
I don’t know what I could even take out: besides maybe that lip balm and maybe the armpit spray? Whateva’. 
I also carry: a blanket, but this was left in the car seat. & sweater on colder days. another toy of some sort. &of course my camera &phone


  1. @Cassie: Some days it seems like it helps… some days not so much. The days it doesn't I do a second dose 15 minutes and that usually does the trick.

    @Kaitlin: As of right now the only vegan make-up I'm using is a tinted moisturizer by smash box. I'm not sure if all their products are vegan, but that one is. Other than that I only use the MAc powder foundation and a mac blush, both of which I've had way too long. I know if you go into Sephora and ask they carry about 3 to 4 lines of vegan products 🙂

  2. Hey! I was wondering what vegan makeup you were switching to? I'm on the look-out for a good brand as I begin my switch to veganism 🙂

  3. How do you like the boiron teething products? We are using Humphreys right now but looking for done other options as the molars are starting to come through, eeek.

  4. i don't know what you can take out. it seems like you need everything. i'm just glad i don't have to carry it. but, you are def the mom to hang out with since you got everything! lol

  5. @marcella: I haven't checked out any of their stuff recently, but I'm sure it's amazing. I might have to peek over since my birthday is coming up 🙂

    @Chelsea: this is not an original idea! i've seen it done many many times before. Mostly with purses, like the marieclaire one:)
    Sometimesweet did one last week and I saw one a while back from bleubird, but like I said, I've seen it done a ton of ther places too:)
    It's nice to peek into someones purse! I cant wait to see yours!

  6. this is such a great idea for a post!! i love reading the "What's in my bag" page in marie claire. would you mind terribly if i borrowed this idea one day? OF COURSE i would link back to you and give you creds.

    if not, that's fine too. let me know 🙂

  7. we have the same diaper bag! LOVE IT! boy you stuffed that thing to the BRIM! have you seen PPB's new Wallets and Make-up bags! ::SWOON:::

  8. i don't have a baby, but i carry about the same amount of stuff around…for just MYSELF. is that bad? 🙂

  9. Holy cow that's a lot of stuff!!!

    My diaper bag contains four diapers, one outfit change, wipes, a toy, a Nuk, a rag, a blanket, and his snack container if I remembered to grab it. We're just about to grow out of the tiny one strap backpack we've used since day one though!

  10. @ellie I'm glad I could help you take one step closer to becoming a more of a bag lady 🙂

  11. I feel so much better for not being the only one that takes "half the house with in the diaper bag" (words from my sister) lol. I never thought about the stain remover! I'll have to add that. Thanks 🙂

  12. HAhahaha, I was going to mention that in the post and totally forgot. BUT WHAT CAN I TAKE OUT!?!

  13. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a LOT of stuff. i feel like a bad mom now. i never carried that much stuff in mine.