You may not know this (read: you don’t know this, but now you will), but I love songs in other languages. Especially music from South America (mostly music from Brazil) or Africa. But when I heard this song from Chile my heart *pitter pattered*.
Catalina Walker (Via piensoenticonmismano)


  1. I am going to have to dig up some of his old CDs & tapes & make a post. I never thought about sharing this until now! I guess it IS kind of intersting & unique.

  2. @holly: I never knew that! that's really incredibly interesting… do you have a post where you talk about it? I'd like to hear more! I've never heard traditional Bolivian music.

    @1startingpoint: I love it <3

    @danae: of course! I'm so gad you posted it! It's really great 🙂 I could understand a bit, but honestly I have a hard time understanding Chilean, Ecuadorian, and Argentine accents!

  3. Wow, thaks for the link. This woman it s fantastic. You waht means the lyrics?: Ay, little mom, little mon, let me touch your braid…lovely, no?

  4. LOVE it!!! My husband is from Bolivia & toured with a traditional South American band. They had a little following for awhile. I love listening to some of his old music. He still plays for us every so often!

    So cool that we share love for this smae kind of music!