Hey hey hey! Happy Monday! How was everyones weekend? We had a wonderful and sunny weekend over here 🙂 Unfortunately we did wake up this monday to a very very dark house with an extremely rainy outdoors. We’re going to make the best of it by cuddling and reading books inside while drinking a new tea my very lovely friend, Katie, sent me.

I know you’re all curious…. so I wont keep you any longer… onto the winners:

Congratulations: Tia and Katherine Vargas!  We will be contacting you to ship out your new Barley & Birchfishies tee &special edition onepiece! 🙂
&Thank you everyone for entering! Don’t forget you can still use your discount code: DREA20 to receive an extra 20% off your Barely & Birch purchase! Also, we have a ton more giveaways lined up for you guys so stay tuned! 

Eeeep! The thunder over here is crazy! Hope you’ve got some sunshine where you’re at!


  1. ahh! Thank you times a bagillion- you guys rock and I got a size big enough for both my monkey's to share and boy are they excited 🙂 Thanks again to Ohdeardrea and Barley & Birch, you both rock!!