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Food is political. There will always be right and wrong sides to any argument dealing with food. In every food topic or argument there will be someone who is 100% correct in their opinion while being less correct than another individual. Food is a topic that will almost always strike up some sort of debate— it is serious enough to be placed along side conversations of religion, abortion, war, and politics. These are topics I will never touch base on— either because I feel facts are necessary in every debate or because I believe I am not well prepared enough (read: far too overwhelmed) to enter that particular battle. While I do not know everything, I do have opinions— and I will present: articles, journals, videos, etc. to back many of the opinions I have. Everyone may not agree with everything I have to say– I understand this I am okay with this. Know: I am not here to argue and I am not here to make people feel bad. I am here to raise awareness on the food epidemic that is taking place in our world. My wish is to bring forth topics that will hopefully spark a curiosity in readers causing them to do further research and ask more questions about food choices they are making. All topics are up for discussion and debate. Discuss these topics with: me, your family, your neighbor, your governor– whoever. I do not know everything and I will never claim to know everything, but I do know what is best for me. &I urge you to find what is best for you, your body, and your family. Food is life, &we all need to be conscious, social, and proactive about it. 

Future posts to look forward to: 
Why and how I became vegan, organics (labels, monsanto, gardening, etc), sustainable farming, eating seasonally, eating locally, healthy eating, healthy eating on a lower budget, the problems with food stamps, processed foods and additives, vegan pregnancy, and of course: good reads and recipes. Maybe some guest posts too 🙂 
Have comments? Make them. Have ideas? State them. Have questions? Ask them. 
Let’s make things happen. 


  1. Ooo I'm looking forward to these as well! Food is such a drastically underrated issue today, and it's kind of shocking how much people completely do not want to hear about it. People who wouldn't even think about throwing a newspaper in the trash (vs recycling,) and yet don't want anything to do with what I consider the biggest environmental issue of our time. Food is sensitive subject, but so important!

    I've read in several places that we as a nation pay less for food than any other developed country. Unfortunately our costs are just hidden…

    But anyway! Looking forward to your posts 🙂

  2. I just read your blog for the first time tonight and I'll be coming back for these posts for sure! I'm excited to see the info you will share. We are just starting some changes in how we eat/ view food so it's perfect timing 🙂

  3. @Raechel: very nice! &off topic: but I've seen so many different spellings or your name recently. You've got a good one!

    @claudia: Exactly! I've actually never heard of Thrive… Is it on the beach. I checked your blog, but didn't see it. I'm going to check again!
    I'm actually heading to Miami this weekend for a baby shower, but more the Pembrooke Pines area 🙂 We'll def. have to arrange a lunch date in the future!

    @allie: this made me laugh. I do feel your pain though! I am pretty lucky where I have been surrounded by some pretty healthy food wherever I lived. It's too bad I ate like crap for most of my life though. I wish I had looked into food much more in my teen years. Oh well!

    Onetwothree: No. Most likely not. I feel like vaccines are one of those topics where you're looked at like a bad person if you choose to vaccine and you look like a bad person if you choose not to. Def. one of the topics I try to read as much as I can on, but talk very little about.

    @chelsea:Yessss. I could not agree more with your rambling! I hear people say all the time that organics are too expensive, but when compared side by side a lot of things really aren't! Celery is one of the veggies containing most of the pesticides but practically the same priced purchased conventional or organic. Even being vegan, I agree that your meat choices do make a difference!

    oh WIC… you mean the system that doesn't allow pregnant ladies or moms to purchase ANYTHING organic? It's complete BS. After my first time walking around looking at all the products I was allowed to buy I decided to also stop using it. There was no way I was going to put that fake food in my pregnant body.

    I am kind to omnivores! Would I prefer if everyone was vegan? Yep! But I have zero qualms with meat eaters— as long as its conscious &smart meat eaters 🙂 My family are all meat eaters, a lot of my friends are, my boyfriend is, &Marlowe might be an omnivore someday. It's all okay. They all agree I'm the most meat-eating accepting vegan they've ever met.

    @Kara: No! I've never tried it. If you do try it I would be very interested to see how it goes! And if it goes well (or doesn't) I would love to have you guest post about it!

    @Kara: As far the organic debate… From what I've read… what the claims to be organic is organic… Smaller farms producing smaller amounts don't necessarily have to be certified though. Also, A lot of times farms are not able to have a USDA organic label on their produce even though they are organic because of certification costs or other various reasons.
    The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service has some pretty good information about it 🙂

    @Carey: You know I would love that! Eric was actually reading about urban farming right before he passed out 40 minutes ago 🙂 I can't wait to se how your chickens go.. Eric and I have discussed possibly setting up a coop of our own in the future 🙂

  4. I love that you are sharing your opinions on food. It is so important, and our country and culture has been completely oblivious for a long time. I can't wait to hear about how you became vegan, too!

    Ps. If you ever want a guest poster I'm positive Nathan and I would love to share how we started our urban farm and our adventures with keeping chickens in the city as the season changes up here in time for growth.

  5. I'd love to hear more about the organic debate – what the FDA deems to be "organic" vs. what actually is organic.

    Also, anything related to how the foods we eat help / prevent diseases!

    Can't wait to learn more about this from you and your resources.

  6. I am very excited to read what you have to say on these topics. I would love to see some of your recipes for vegan foods. I've been a vegetarian for a few years now and would love to put some good vegan dishes in my diet.

    Also have you ever canned your own veggies? I've been thinking about trying it out this summer.

    Anyways, I just found your blog a few days ago and I love how inspiring your posts are. 😀

  7. can't wait to read more! although i'll never be close to being vegan, i've really started to make a intense effort to only purchase humanely-raised food products (cage-free poultry and eggs, pasture-fed beef, milk, etc.) yeah, it's often a little more expensive (though surprisingly, not ALWAYS!) but i feel like i'm doing SOMETHING to support farmers who care about the wellbeing of their livestock and don't look at them as soley cash cows (excuse the pun).

    i was approved for WIC (basically food stamps) but was appalled at the "food" that they "allow" you to purchase – you can't buy most things that are organic, natural, or humanely raised – and supposedly the whole point of WIC is to provide funding for a more nutritional diet for women, infants, and children. it's so backward! i don't even use WIC anymore because of this, although i am still often struggling to make ends meet. our food industry is pathetic.

    sorry for rambling, my point is that i look forward to this segment of yours! and i know that it will focus a lot on veganism, but couldya pleeease be kind to us omnivores? 😉

  8. I am also looking forward to reading the posts.

    Would you ever share your views on vaccines? I'm curious…

  9. i'm really looking forward to your posts regarding these topics. i wish there were more blogs like yours, this idea is so great. living in the south, it's harder to find organic foods/healthy options than it was in the northwest where we grew up. seriously, popeye's opens at like 7 in the morning to sell chicken breakfast sandwiches (wtffff?) and garrison's morning work meetings are catered by a fried fish place. see?!?!?!

  10. i think this is a great idea Drea. you are making people aware and this is YOUR blog where you CAN talk about anything you want and are passionate about.

    i had lunch at thrive, an organic/vegan place that is hidden in a garden center. i think it's owned by the same woman whose place you used to eat at here in miami.
    there are pics in today's posts.

    also, if you ever want to come visit and spend the day, i would love to meet. 🙂