Well, I did it. On wednesday: I conquered my first FreakBike Ride. Yep. I thought it would be really difficult and I thought I would be dying from how un-fit I am and struggling to finish, but nope– I did it and it was easy. I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty impressed with myself. I’ve never taken my little (big) trike on rides longer the 4 or 5 miles. Eric said we rode a little less than 8 miles &I know 8 miles isn’t much in a cycling world, but it’s a fair amount on a trike! My (nameless) trike is very big and very heavy, especially for a small gal like myself. Wooo!

The theme this ride was robots, unfortunately not a lot of people participated. I didn’t, not cause I didn’t want to, but because Eric I had planned to attend last minute and we all know how difficult it is to accomplish anything (especially last minute robot building) with a small lovey baby. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the ride… I didn’t realize full lanes of traffic would be blocked off for hundreds of bikes to cruise down the streets! It was really nice– It was a scenic ride with so many lovely houses on the ocean and then the lights and crowds of downtown. &The weather was awesome– really awesome. Best part? My legs didn’t even begin to feel tired until the way back and they don’t even hurt a smidgen today! I guess I’m not as out of shape as I thought. Win! 🙂

I spotted a Heidi on the way there!
I had my pants unbuttoned the whole time. They were tight &man, I had to pee. Next time: depends adult diapers (kidding).

Karen and Heidi. They decided St. Patricks day style was the new robot style. 

Robot boobs.
Once downtown I made a bathroom pit stop at the ice cream shop. 
Everyone just hangs out downtown for an hour or so eating pizza or doing whatever— I’m not sure– doing something or other— I didn’t do much.
LOVE this bike seat. 
Heading back.
I was told I turned this corner “like a bat out of hell”. I couldn’t help it– I needed to get home. My bike is not a toilet. 

Ah, home! Shoes off– Pants off– Freedom. This is typical, bike ride or not, shoes and pants come off as soon as I walk in. Life is just more comfortable that way.
Next time: Bringing Jerbear and Marlowe.

Also, I should name my bike. The only name that comes to mind is “Big Red” and that seems so unoriginal. Ideas?


  1. How about "lipstick"?
    From a quote of Bug eyed Earl about Mike Gambinos grips on the Big Bully that won the Bike of the Nite cup! A little sexy, a little girly, and a lot of gross, but no one will know!

    Try the Core-Cat race tomorrow 3/26/11. I got a ladies chopper; the "Betty Wont Chopper" going to First Place Female!

    ReAlLy great pictures! You captured everything about Choppernite that others missed! Ace reporting! Thanks!!!

  2. cherry red Lola, Ginger, Sangria, I love Hawaiian names- 'Ula, 'ula'ula, wena. These three, mean red. you could call it big ula! haha I don't know. I like getting creative. My volvo wagon's name is olga 🙂

    And you couldn't have said it better. Life is better with no pants and no shoes. It's more comfy and nobody has to know about it! I really wish they had bike rides like that here where I live. I envy you. It looked like a great time!

  3. um this looks like the most bangarang time evar.

    i want in.

    you should name your bike dy-no-mite, but yell it like JJ off of Good Times every time you say it to someone.

  4. i'm so happy that you joined!!! and a little envious….
    i too take my clothes off as soon as i get home. and Lily's too. comfort is key.

    i think you should name your bike Bertha. for some reason that name came to mind when i think of big red.

  5. ugh, i love this post..
    and i thought you'd like to know… when i think of you/ see you in that hat, i immediately go to the closing scene of True Romance… Patricia Arquette in that hat… saying "you're so cool, you're so cool, you're so cool…"

    yep, it's awesome. that's all.

  6. haha I love this! Especially that you had your pants unbuttoned. I have totally done that on the bike. Glad it was fun for you.

  7. I don't have any suggestions for naming your bike, but that looks like SO MUCH FUN.

    and further convinces me that I need a bicycle.