I recently realized I’ve never really shown Marlowe’s mobile— &it’s definitely one of my favorite things I’ve made for her. Sure, I’ve shown far away glimpses of it, like, in my home tour, or this image in my “pictures of recently enjoyed things” post a long while ago, but the only full on picture shown was back in august on a craft post when this blog was only a baby at one month old! I’m so pleased with how it came out &it makes me incredibly happy to see Marlowe enjoy it so much. She loves to watch it spin above her or to be held in front of it so she can watch each creature go by. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂


See mobile page: HERE
See more images: HERE

I currently do not have any pre-made mobiles, but I do take custom orders, when time allows it. Want one? Just email me: ohdeardrea@gmail.com 🙂


  1. @oaxacaborn: as much as I love the curtains myself I look at them with anger. I hated making curtains. First and last set ever. (unless Marlowe asks for more.. then she wins) &thank you! 🙂 (obviously)

    @nandnia: ha. I like the word 'meh' too. I'm constantly finding myself shrugging my shoulders and saying "meh" to myself. I think I have to delete or fix the 'quick reactions' though. It's working fine on page one but effing up on all other pages. "meh"

  2. Someone's quick reaction was "Meh." Hehe. Not laughing at you, I just like the word "Meh."

  3. I am giddy over you making the mobile for Baby Finn! It's going to be so darn amazing, Drea! Can't wait to see the finished product- and I might even actually put it over Finn's bed… but after seeing the hedgehog in all of his hedgy glory, I think I may just keep it for myself. 😉

    THANK YOU!!! <3

  4. I love everything about it- the whole nature feel of it and her room is gorgeous! No wonder Marlowe is such a happy baby, she wakes up in a beautiful room every morning 🙂