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In other non giveaway news:
I made two new aprons this week (well in the past two weeks, it’s a slow process with a teething baby)
& brought them to the lovely consignment shop down the street!
Eeep. Hoping for some sales!
In other non crafting news:
(this photo just made me miss my hair)
If anyone is interested, I’m selling my Baby Bjorn. It’s in great condition– it’s only been used maybe 10 to 15 times. I just prefer the wrap or my sling and don’t use it enough, so I figured I’m better off selling it. If you are interested in buying it then shoot me an email or DM. I bought it for 80$ and I am selling it for 50$ or best offer. (Plus shipping, depending on your location).
& A question: 
I bought one of those mesh teething food bags this week. &I’m not quite sure what would be best to put inside. Have any suggestions? Any suggestions would be appreciated… as long as its not meat or bananas πŸ™‚
drea πŸ™‚

Ps. Happy International Women’s Day!


  1. I always used frozen watermelon with the Babies I watched. It was always a hit!


    About your moby wrap, did you make it or by a real one? I just made one for my sister in law and it's super easy / cost effective.


  2. Ooooh, funny you mention the teething bag because I was just going to say something to you about it. Saved our butts when Hen was teeting, we'd buy organic yogurt in the tubes and stick frozen chunks of it in there. Also we'd freeze "green juice" in popsicle molds and then stick those in the bags.

  3. ahh i am a banana hater too!! imagine all the banana goo that would seep out of the mesh…GAG.

    (sorry for the visual) :X

    let us now which foods work best for you, i was just about to get levi a mesh bag too, but i'm so paranoid about the mess/stains that could happen. your experiences will be my trial, hope you don't mind! ;]

  4. I used to boil sweet potato (pumpkin, carrots, potato…) until they were pretty soft and stick 'em in the mesh thing when they were cool. Ice cubes are a pretty good cure for any teeth threatening to poke through πŸ™‚

  5. I froze grapes and put them in there. My kiddos loved them. I didn't offer apricot, strawberry, or any other high allergens right away. we have major food allergies here.

    Btw, love the aprons – sooo cute!!

  6. I never did this, but I wonder if you could freeze the camilia teething liquid packets in an ice tray and then put those in the meshbag? Then you are kind of killing two birds with one stone…
    Dont know if it would work, but seems worth a try. Good luck either way, my little guy is getting his molars in and its miserable..you have lots to look forward to.

  7. eeeep! thanks so much guys!!! She was just gnawing on tomatoes and totally loved them. I can't wait to try all your suggestions!

    Also, the people who mention SEEDLESS grapes and watermelon, thank you. I probably would have left the seeds like a dumbass.

    @Holly: I'm going to grow it long again…. for you.

    @johanna: A few weeks ago I gave Marlowe a lemon so I could giggle at her when she did the sour baby face, and she didn't do the face at all. She totally dug the lemon.

    rj and jesse: no bananas! I'm in a banana free household.

    @likecakespace: I have no recipes. I use two cans coconut milk (do not use the low fat. the more fat the better, otherwise it comes out icey) and then blend in sugar/agave and whatever flavoring I'm craving that day. either cocoa powder, oreos, strawberries, cookie dough…. whatever. nom.

  8. Things we put in our teething bag…….pears, grapes, watermelon, blueberries, bananas (I know, you hate 'em) and peaches, basically any fruit except strawberries and mangos…..unfortunately, our pediatrician told us no strawberries until he was at least a year as they are a high allergy food and I'm super allergic to mangos.

    PS – Will you do a recipe post on vegan ice cream or send me a recipe. Gav is allergic to milk and I would love to make him some ice cream.

  9. I hung out with a baby this weekend and she loves LEMONS, her mom puts them in her little bag thing! That baby couldn't get enough!

  10. We put strawberries, watermelon, peaches, pears & even steamed veggies in ours. Collin love dnomming snacks in it.

    Also…big hair fan. I like it long. =]

  11. Strawberries are perfect-Ocean preferred them unfrozen, she could nibble on the mashed up strawberry that made it through the mesh.
    Tomatoes are also good, if Marlowe likes the taste.
    Watermelon too!

  12. some mesh-feeder-thingy favorites here have been frozen mango, avocado, lentils, and garbanzo beans. (as soon as she's old enough of course) try anything! it always amazes me what my kids ended up liking.

  13. i put chilled peaches or watermelon (seedless of course) in the mesh things and Hendrix loooved it. Plums are good too. Anything juicy really.

  14. For the mesh teething food bag- I've used frozen or chilled fruit or ice cubes when there are a number of teeth coming in/the baby looked especially pained. Fresh pears or grapes are good.