Ah, Part two… you know, in case you didn’t see enough pictures of chalk on the ground.. I’ve got a ton more. Add a bunch more photos of friends, Marlowe, food messes…. and face paint and you’ve got day two. Day two was much more eventful. I had gotten a nice amount of sleep and a belly full of food and I was ready to conquer the day! I threw together some food, Eric brought over a grill, Michelle brought over an ice cream maker (in case my one wasn’t enough), and I had friends come by to hang out and eat food before heading out to the festival again.

So here’s a funny story… a group of 6 of us (plus Marlowe) head out the door and start walking down the street to the festival… about 50 feet down the road and I walk dead center, face first, straight into a pole. Why? I was completely dead sober and totally with it… yet there I go head first. I don’t know why or how it happened, but I do know I’m so incredibly happy Eric was carrying Marlowe. Sheesh. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I was holding the camera so there is no actual footage of the face smashing event. Anyway.. on to the festival..

This is about the time I walked into the pole.
She got sleepy pretty quick. But only napped about 40 minutes the whole day. Until she decided to pretend to go to sleep at 930pm and wake up again 40 minutes later.
Jerry and Veronica? Close enough.
My favorite.
One of the illusion ones, but I wasn’t about to stand in line to see the illusion come to life.
Day one: “I want to get my face painted tomorrow!”
Michelle: “Good idea! We’ll get you drunk so you can do it!”
Me: “What? Why? I don’t have to be drunk. I’m getting my face painted sober”
Day two:  One beer throughout the whole day. Face painted. Win.
Psst. See the nice red mark in the middle of my lip? Boiling water on pasta. DONT DO IT. It hurts.
She whined every time we ate. She was jealousss.
So I bought her corn to play with. There was no butter or seasoning. 
She was dissatisfied.
Note to self: this dress was flattering while pregnant. Do not wear now.
We headed back to my house to grill veggies burgers. This was the scene in my kitchen. 
Marlowe got changed into pjs.
“My teeth hurt”
It was quite a fun day. The weather was beautiful. I picked up some souvenirs, I had some (most likely toxic) face paint on my face, I ate (most likely not vegan) funnel cake, and was in the company of great friends. Good times!
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  1. Hi neighbor! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun, bravo for doing it with a little one!! She looks like she had lots of fun as well. I live up in Palm Beach Gardens and have never been to that festival, I will have to check it out next time around!

  2. @Kaitlin… ugh I'm sorry. I feel your pain. I think they last time I was in Canada is was -20 with the windchill and I was in tights. It was stupid of me.

    @cara: my friend steve came by with a plate f it and I was like "mmm yum!" and eating it.. then I realized later it probably wasnt vegan. My first thoughts were, but its friend "dough" dough is just flour, water, salt.. my after thought was, "yeah no. I think I made a huge mistake". But went for a second helping anyway. I'm the same though, if I know for sure its not vegan I wont eat it. My exception is honey.

    @carey: the sling is the only baby carrier Eric likes. He refuses to use the wrap and doesn't care for the bjorn. If I could have a new carrier (a 4th one) I would go for one of the ones you could wear on your back that have the support around the waste. The sling and the bjorn are getting a bit back heavy for me… The sling works great for Eric until Marlowe gets sleepy then its a bit to juggle.

  3. Man you have me so excited for summer! I love festivals and grilling out! Looks like day 2 was a lot of fun. 🙂

    Ps. Does Eric like that sling as much as you do? We're trying to get a baby carrier that Nathan will enjoy and he's not so much into the Baby Bjorn we have.

  4. currently dying over the cuteness of lil lady sleeping/riding in the sling on your mister. adorbs-able!

  5. " I ate (most likely not vegan) funnel cake"

    Ha. I always do this. I think "mmm, pastries, they'll be made from oil!" I self rationalise my cravings and my lack of will power.

    It's weird because I would never knowingly eat something that blatantly told me it wasn't vegan… you know if it was home made and someone specifically told me or if it had an ingredients panel. Where there is no panel I use my judgement – that sounds so bad especially because I would never dream of eating non-vegan foods…but yeah now I am rambling :).

  6. I <3 the picture of you and Eric eating the funnel cake with Marloe/sling sprinkled in powdered sugar. I don't blame her for being jealous! heh

  7. Wow! Am I ever envious! Looks warm where you are, and the street art is all gorgeous! I live in Northern Alberta, Canada, and today it's -27 F, what I wouldn't give to wear a pretty sun dress today 😀