I know she’s been wanting me to post these photos and I never did… 
so these are for you momma! 
Miss you! 
Photos from last week taken by my mom (an hour before she flew back to Massachusetts)….
Baby attack! 


  1. I just read your birth story on Spearmint Baby. I had a natural birth too…it was difficult but so worth it. 🙂 Your baby girl is beautiful. She is the cutest little baby girl I've ever seen! Congrats! Love all your pics.

  2. I love your style and the darling relationship between you and your babs.

  3. I love the one of you holding Marlowe bending down, looking out. How beautiful and what a lucky momma. <3

  4. aw, those are great shots Drea. it's so hard being away from parents and grandparents, isn't it?
    You just made me miss my mom…. 🙁