It’s that time again! We’ve reached 200 followers &it’s time for another handmade giveaway! (Actually it’s a tad bit overdue that time— 29 people over to be exact, but to make up for it the winner will receive two items instead of one!) 

The very talented Kelly at Poche sent us two of the cutest pouches for you guys! They are perfect for all your odds and ends… or for sticking your cell phone, cash, and keys into them as a mini clutch so you don’t have to use your bra (like me). These little guys are very durable and well made (better than I could ever ever craft them) and they are simple adorable. Perfect to carry on their own or nest them into a larger purse (I now have one for myself for all my bottles of lotions and things). Poche offers a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. See a shape you enjoy, but would prefer a different color? Just ask– they can totally be customized– Poche is awesome like that! 🙂

To enter to win:
Go take a peek around Poche &leave a comment (with your email) telling us what style is your favorite 🙂
For two more additional entries: 
tweet or blog about the giveaway leaving a comment (and a link) for each separate entry. 

We’d love if you (but these don’t count as entries):
– “like” ohdeardrea on facebook
– “like” poche on facebook
– vote for us on topbabyblogs
– became a “follower” of ohdeardrea

Giveaway ends: Tuesday March 8th. 
Winner announced: Wednesday March 9th.

Happy giveaway-ing! 


  1. LOVE THese!!!!
    and LOVE your blog been reading for awhile now , but at my work computer it doesn't let me log in and comment!!!

    *Pleated Clutch/Pouch — Green Leaves

    *Little Lemon Pleated Pouch

    but this one is my FAVORITE
    ***Nesting Bags – Amy Butler Blue and Grey***

    lauradessens @ live DOT com

  2. I love these! the little pleated ones, like the ones y'all are giving away, are my favourite. thanks so much for the opportunity!

    katherine . devargas @ gmail . com

  3. I am a new follower 🙂 I checked out the Poche web site and I love the summer sea horse design! We go to the beach nearly every weekend in the summer, so this would certainly come in handy! and not to mention adorable!

  4. 😀 Lovely giveaway!
    I adore the apple key chain pouch… I used to have one of these by matt & nat. They come in so handy… I used to lose my keys all the time, but never my wallet. Connect keys to wallet…voila! I always have both close by.

  5. So cute! Ohhh I want to win! The change pouches are adorable – especially the cupcake clip one!

  6. I love the Green Leaves one!
    I'm a follower of your site and Liked Poche on facebook!

  7. i tittered the giveaway.
    i like you on facebook
    i like poche on facebook
    i vote
    and i'm a follower

    i'm exhausted!!!!

  8. yay!!!
    I love these! lemons, apples, sea horses! AHH! I might have to pick one up for myself. (If I don't win that is). Love you!


    p.s. my captcha is noncho, which is kind of like nacho, but not.

  9. I have ran across Poche'sEtsy shop quite a few times and love it! My favorites are the Little Lemon Pleated Pouch, the Pleated Clutch/Pouch Green Leaves, as well as the cute Cupcake Clip on Pouch.
    You were already my friend on FB, I added Poche's FB, and I vote daily for you on TBB 🙂
    Thanks for the great giveaways!!

  10. I really like the denim and red pouch you featured, but another from their website that I loved was the black and white polka dot pouch.