Here are some enjoyable moments &things from today (and a few from last night):
icecream for dad.
homemade strawberry icecream.
the last time she will wear these pjs &soon to reach the floor.
a sleeping babycakes.
an attempt to enjoy blueberries: soy yogurt and agave.
this guy (again). in need of a haircut.
sewing homes onto aprons.
a surprise early birthday gift in the mail!
&of course: a sleepy marlowe paloma.


  1. your ice cream looks amazing and those pictures of you and marlowe are adorable, i love the bright lighting. oh, and the picture of her almost reaching the floor is only adding to my "where has the time gone" sadness that's been surfacing all freaking day. beautiful you two.

  2. I call dibs on personal training your bady! I've got big things in mind for her, oh and i love the my sisters clothing line ad in the side panel. Woooahhhooo

  3. Ya, if blueberries are under ripe and almost sour, I like them, but I hate them when they are even a little mushy!

  4. Love the picture of you two, and those pj's…my little one has those too – in almost every size I could get, but now she has outgrown them…they were our favorite!

  5. Was it me? I've been a hermit lately and in NC. But we could've… i was taking a med that made me drunky flu-y fun!

  6. @lilmuselily: I do! I used to have them a lot more.. now not so much. Though I've been trying to use flaxseed oil more, but its a bit nutty. I might switch back to the seeds.
    @cara: panasonic lumix 🙂
    @erica!: they really are!
    @holly: thanks lady! you're always so kind!
    @kalani: didn't we discuss this last week? love berries. love fruit.. blueberries: not so much. but I got them in my veggie share.
    @bekah: I got my ice cream maker for my baby shower. You should ask for one too.
    @carey: coconut milk! almond milk comes out a bit ice-y. you've got to use the highest fat content milk possible. bonus: coconut milk is great for milk production!
    @nodtostyle: it was! though I wish I used more of the fatty mc fat fat coconut cream in it!
    @chrissy: Thanks! &thanks for reading! 🙂
    @sarahrose: thank you!
    @melissa d: thanks! I made chocolate icecream tonight too!
    @steff: exactly. They are probably most enjoyable in smoothies. These were more tart so I liked them a bit more.
    @thepeanutgallery: thank you! 🙂

  7. When you say 'an attempt to eat blueberries', is it because you don't like them? I don't, even though I love every other fruit, so I throw them in smoothies! I buy them when they're on sale and then freeze them. Yummy.

    I love that picture of her sleeping, so cute. <3

  8. oh man, you too are so cute!

    and i pretty much just had a food-gasm from those first few photos.
    *skips off to try my hand at homemade icecream!

  9. Awww those photos of you and Marlowe made me smile! 😀

    What do you use to make your vegan ice cream? Almond milk?

  10. oh my goodness!!!! that last picture of you two. lovely.
    do you like flax seeds? i always like having them in my yogurt with blueberries.