I’ve been trying to incorporate more vegan food and recipes into my little blog and I would like to be plan a weekly recipe to share on ohdeardrea. “Meatless Mondays” would be the obvious choice that makes the most sense, but it is now Tuesday. And I am not the most structured blogger for set-up-scheduled posts (I like my freedom). So let’s just agree that Tuesday is the new Monday and “Meatless Tuesdays” is a brilliant idea (for this week).

Shepard’s pie is wonderful. Why? Because: It’s incredibly simple, filling, comforting, and great for leftovers. I always try to stay away from mock meat, but sometimes it really is easier. But, so you know, I’ve also made this dish with tvp and tempeh— both of those just take a bit more time and patience… which I did not have Saturday. There are a million variations to shepard’s pie, but this is how I make it, because it makes me feel at home:

Wash and cut potatoes into similar size pieces. Peel em’ if you like, but I prefer the skins. (&I HATE peeling potatoes.) Place in pot of water. Bring to low boil and cook until nice and soft.
Drain water. Mash potatoes. Whip a large amount of milk (I use almond) and butter (I use vegan earth balance) into potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.
Set aside.
Chop veggies. I had mushrooms, red onion, and carrots in my fridge. So, that’s what got used. I did not have garlic &it was sad, but not heartbreaking since the meal still came out delicious.
Saute in olive oil over a medium heat. Add fresh some fresh herbs if you’ve got em.
Pour in some red wine and let it cook down. I also added in spices: cumin, oregano, thyme, and a bit of chili.
Add in meat, mock-meat, or protein of your choice. I used: vegan boca crumbles. I then added in a bit of frozen peas and a bit of vegetable stock to add more moisture to the “meat”. Cook and stir for a bit longer.
Layer in an oven friendly dish.
I also have a layer of canned corn because this is how my grandma made it for me as a child &grandma knows what’s up.
Top with a layer of potatoes. I then poured a little melted butter on top and sprinkled nutritional yeast on the top. (Not necessary, unless you want to be a bit of a fatty mc fat fat that day). Place under broiler until the top is a crisp golden brown.
Serve and enjoy!


  1. What are your reasons for being a vegan? I am interested in it from a health aspect but can't make the leap. I like cheese and milk and meat too much.

  2. Thank you so much for answering my question! I never knew that and will start to steer clear of mock meat! Please keep doing posts on recipes and things to try to avoid or try to eat in your blog–so inspiring as I am trying to feed my family the "clean eating" lifestyle as much as possible–we'll see how far I can go w/ no cheese though!!!

  3. @Erica: It took me a few tries to become vegan cause of the cheese. It was HARD. Sometimes I wouldn't even last a day! I was going to eventually do a post on this, but: I try to stay away from mock meat because it is highly processed. I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible. It's going to be healthier than most meat products, but probably less healthy than a fresh piece of farm raised/free range/chemical free meat. My other problem is that most of the mock meat isn't organic. & soy that isn't organic is 99.9% of the time genetically modified. &that crap isn't okay!

    @o bella: thats right! lentils! I've been meaning to make one with lentils and I totally forgot. Next time for sure. gah.

  4. Stuck in a library this made me sooo hungry. Thanks for sharing. I'll try it out when a special occasion arrives.

  5. Oooh, that looks delicious. I'm not vegan, but I will definitely be trying out this recipe. 😀

  6. Yummy! I'm a big fan of meatless sheperds pie. Lentils are a great addition to it if you want to stay away from mock-meat, which I try to as well. Yummy and nutritious!

  7. looks delish! I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, but am becoming more and more curious about becoming one (not vegan–I can't part w/ my beloved cheese!) but I was curious as to why you try to stay away from meatless meat (like Boca or Morningstar)? I use these on occassion–are they not healthy for you?