Happy Birthday! You’re an old man now… well, last year you became old and this year you’re even older &You’re a grandfather! Thanks for putting up with me for this past 25 (plus) years of my life. Thank you for dealing with my temper tantrums (especially pertaining to chain restaurants). Thanks for catching wild snakes, bringing them into our home and telling me they escaped indoors (I still don’t know if you were joking or not). Thanks for taking me on vacations to explore new countries. Thank you for teaching me how to drive and with helping me buy my car. Thank you for putting fear into my ex-boyfriends with your gun (even though I hate guns). Thank you for always making them feel a little bit uncomfortable by calling them the wrong name. Thank you for giving me your creativity, sarcasm, and dry sense of humor. Thank you for your support and being there when I needed you most. But most importantly: thank you for being an amazing grandfather to my daughter. We wouldn’t have the wonderful life we have without you. Thank you. 

Dad And Andrea 2
So here’s to you dad, an amazing father and an even better grandfather. We love you.
Happy Birthday.


  1. Wow your dad has hardly aged! And I swear he did not pay me to say that 🙂

  2. that was lovely. awesome pics. love the ones of you and your dad when you were little. you still have the same face. 🙂
    happy birthday to your dad!