hippie child. tee: gifted from Mark &Nicole.
dress: urban outfitters
dress: urban outfitters, shoes: gifted from my mom from a Paris business trip.
shirt: barley & birch, skirt: gymboree shoes: old navy.
shades: Eric’s raybans, shirt: a&e, shorts: J. Crew, shoes: h&m

A little ridiculous? Maybe. But I love stripes and flowers.

Other weekend photos:
ignore: breasts, check out: MUSCLES. ohhh yaaah!
Eric took Marlowe in the pool for the first time. I wanted to join, but I am such a whiny child when it comes to cold water. I need my pools to be between 86 and 90 degrees. (Not kidding). The pool was 82 today.
beef stuffed yuca. &aji topping… with fake beef cause my mom loves me <3 no idea what the proper name of this dish is, but it was delicioussss.
&tofu fail.

This weekend felt ridiculously short. Friday: me, Marlowe, and a group of my fine lady friends headed over the bridge to a restaurant on the beach. Later that night: Eric, Marlowe, &I walked down the street for some very delicious Indian food. Saturday: Eric, Marlowe, and I checked out the green market just over the bridge. The only good thing it had going on was a pickle man. We had pickles and ginger carrots for breakfast. Saturday evening: Anita and I put on some heels and dresses and walked down to the record shop with Eric and Miss Marlowe to hangout after hours. Marlowe was a big hit (obviously). Sunday: we had a little family gathering at my brothers. There was tons of delicious foods and Eric took Marlowe for her very first swim in a pool! Later that night Eric and I took a nice bike ride. We rode down a street I’ve never been on before that had very big &old houses– they were beautiful, but the street felt haunted. I’m really enjoying all the bike riding lately– I feel better with a little exercise burn in my legs. Marlowe is going to get a bike seat really soon 🙂

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Also, if you guys could take two second and two clicks to vote for us it would be much appreciated! VOTE 🙂


  1. Thanks! <3

    @nandia: my boobs are ALWAYS lopsided.


  2. Ahh, that sounds like such an awesome weekend!

    Those blue and white shorts are so freakin' cute. <3

  3. My boobs are lopsided =D Or else next time I need to remember to adjust my dress before pictures are taken.
    I love the stripes and flowers outfit. So cute.

  4. Thanks guys! And thank you Amanda! Ill edit it when I get home 🙂 my mom is always purchasing so many cute skirts and dresses for lady baby, its hard to keep up!

  5. love the outfits, you make a cute pair you two! looks like an awesome weekend. we've just started taking our bikes out too (we got a trailer for henry) and i had forgotten how fun it is to get around by bike. also, way easier park and explore if you see something awesome. funfunfun.

  6. That skirt she is wearing is Gymboree. In case anyone was wondering. I only know that because I work there. Adorable outfits!!

  7. you both were some real fashionistas this weekend.
    i love all of your looks and i LOVE Marlowe in that little skirt!!!!
    happy to hear you are loving all the bike riding and that Marlowe will soon be able to join.
    the weekends are always short. 🙁
    but we had a good one.