Friday was wonderful. Michelle came by, we went for a walk, went thrifting, &met Anita for lunch. Friday night Eric and I spent the evening together laughing about Marlowe’s dollhouse (see pictures) and sitting on the couch watching television on the internet.

Yesterday was one of those miserable days. One of the days you just want everything to stop and go away— a day where you want to crawl into a dark hole and wait for better days to come. Marlowe was miserable. She was dry, fed, being held and entertained– but nothing worked.  The only time Marlowe stopped crying is when I would start to cry. It was…. pathetic? I don’t remember the last time I broke down into real tears– ugh– I just felt so helpless. I just wanted Marlowe to be happy, I wanted my house to be clean, and I wanted a shower. Eventually all those things happened and the evening got a bit better… it just took a few hours to get there.

Saturday night Heidi came by to babysit giving me a bit of time out of the house to just…. relax. I got a few hours with Eric, friends, and music. I needed it. (Thank you Heidi).

Today was a new day with a much less agitated baby. Slightly grumpy still— but more like the pleasant everyday Marlowe. (yay!). Breakfast was made, the couch was relaxed on, errands were ran, and (tons of) food was purchased. At this current moment: Marlowe is playing, I am blogging (relaxing), Erc is designing, and dinner is about to be made (potato leek soup).

Saturday morning, day, and early evening were awful, &I’m so happy it is over with.
Pictures of the more enjoyable moments of the weekend (minus saturday night photos. That will have to wait ’til tomorrow):

Accidently matching between friends and babies: lovely! 
redhead pets lion.
farting grandpa. Michelle doll has become a lamp.
new thrift store find.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! 
Saturday night picture post tomorrow♥

PS. Boiron Camilia teething drops are on sale at Whole Foods right now! You better believe I bought more than one box.
PPS. Hello new followers! Welcome! 🙂
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  1. fussy baby days here always seem to coincide with clumsy/yuck days for me. HATE IT. i hope marlowe is doing better and letting you get some rest so that you can catch your breath.

    that horse IS awesome and i feel bad for that doll barfing in the toilet. maybe time to put a teeny lock on their wooden drink cabinet?

  2. Thanks so much guys! I'm so glad the teething passed. I think a tooth is finally starting to peek through!

    @ The Peanut Gallery: Thought about it, but I don't know. I feel like I need one for myself. Ha.

    @summer: Thanks,b ut thats not me, thats my friend Michelle 🙂

  3. just stumbled upon your blog, love it!
    your little girl is adorable..
    love the doll house pictures, too cute.


  4. lol. i love the one with a hangover puking in the toilet! lol
    you are having way too much fun with the doll house.
    and again, you always find the best thrifts.

  5. Wow you and your daughter are gorgeous! Love that you match!!! LOL@the doll house. Thanks for the early morning smile.

  6. I feel for you – my little girl was in teething misery all weekend and I wanted to rip my hair out for a solid 48 hours. It's so wonderful when it passes, though!

    She looks so happy and beautiful on her new rocking horse.

  7. i hate those days when nothing will work! I've had a bubby with a sore tummy all day today, not nice! I LOVE the rocking horse, i'm very jealous of your thrifting. Mine sucks in this town!

  8. 1. i love your couch
    2. i love the doll house pictures <3
    3. im sorry you had such a bad day but im glad you got through it and were able to relax! Have you tried amber necklaces for teething?

  9. Those pictures were all so cute! I love all the yellows. <3

    I hate bad days like that. I've had a couple recently, and they SUCK. =[

  10. I totally feel you on the days when you just want to crawl into a hole. I've been having a few of those lately! Dealing with a little one who's feeling the same way must make things about 50x worse.

    It's so nice you were able to get away for a bit!