I love seeing little Calvin &Marlowe interactions.  
Their cuteness is just too much!
Marlowe’s tee: c/o Barley & Birch
Headband: gift from Heidi πŸ™‚
Mushroom shoes: gift from Katie πŸ™‚
Like her mom, more interested in the food than the boy. 
Every single outing for pizza I tell myself I will not eat a whole pizza &I always do. Last night I ate the whole thing plus half a bread and tomato starter. As much as I talk about food and healthy eating…. I really have zero self control when it comes to good pizza. We’ve all got our vices. NOM.


  1. that shirt color is awesome! shes so pretty, like her mama! its pretty cool watching her grow.. and grow and grow! time flies with little ones right?

  2. as long as you eat yours without cheese, itΒ΄s okay, i guess πŸ™‚
    p.s.: i love your little colourful home, it looks amazing!

  3. Oh my goodness, that headband is a keeper!

    I kill pizza too, but as long as I order thin crust with no cheese – it's totally forgivable.

  4. the shoes fit!!! they look oh so cute on her! & I'm a huge fan of marlowe's headbands, kind of jealous of her style πŸ™‚
    <3 Katie

  5. little man's Mohawk is amazing and Marlowe looks fabulous in her headband and mushroom slip ons- my goodness <3 I miss baby years.

  6. i love her little shirt!! & every time I see a pizza post i get so envious.. we have NO good pizza places where I live. come on, australia step up that pizza game.

  7. I'm going to make a list of things I love about this post:

    – Marlowe's shoes
    – Marlowe's headband
    – Marlowe
    – that pizza. mmmmmm

  8. do you like indian food? I have a great recipe for tandoori pizza. good lord, i'm salivating thinking about it. let me know i'll send it to you.

    p.s. marlowe just can't get any cuter.

  9. Marlowe has a great wardrobe. and those two are seriously cute.

    That pizza looks mighty tasty too.

  10. omg, they are too cute!! i was just looking at some of my old posts of when Lily was Marlowe's age. feels like forever ago. seriously cherish every second.
    and yeah, i too can eat a whole pie. oink, oink

  11. i'm the same with pizza, like NO self control whatsoever. it's scary haha. marlowe is always dressed so colorfully, she needs to come over and give my wardrobe a makeover stat.

  12. Marlowe always looks dressed to impress lol! I love her little headband and shoes! Alyson needs to hop on the style train lol.