I’ve been busy busy making mobiles &I thought I’d share an easy ‘how to’ for one of my newest little guys 🙂


Supplies: Felt, embroidery thread for stitching, several cut pieces of embroidery threads in different colors and lengths,  scissors, needle, stuffing. 
Step 1: Cut felt to shape your jellyfish. A pac man ghost looking friend should be good. Tie a knot at one end of threaded needle and pull through the corner of one side.
Step 2: Match the other piece of felt to the back, hiding the knot in between. 
Step 3: Overcast stitch up and around jellyfish coming back to the bottom. Once at bottom do not pull thread all the way through. 
Step 4: Take two pieces of embroidery thread (whatever length and colors you prefer) and tie a knot in loop.
Step 5: Pull needle and thread bringing the knot tight to the bottom of the jellyfish body.
Step 6: Repeat over &over again along bottom. Be careful not to tangle strings.
Step 7: Once you are about 75% along the bottom, fill jellyfish body with stuffing. 
Step 8: Continue stitching and adding ‘tentacles’. Once at the end: tie a knot leaving the thread to dangle. Cut off excess. Tada!
Step 9: Bring friends.

Happy sewing &Happy weekending everyone!

Ps. Another (double) birth! Congratulations Rachael! Those are two very lucky little girls! I hope you ladies are resting up and all your little men (and the big one too) are taking care of their mama and sisters!


  1. @tia: I'm jealous! I cant wait until Marlowe is crafting age!

    @holly: you are freaking awesome!

    @elizabeth: awesome! I will most def. check your blog out!

    @claudia: It was weird, but awesome 🙂

    @lauren: Hello! Thank you so much!

    @megan: yes! I saw the episode one night at Erics! I'm so happy the vegan won 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. I've been lurking your blog for awhile, and usually never post… BUT I also had a "I bet drea would love to watch this moment" the other night. This also doesn't pertain to anything of your blog post, so sorry about that. Anyway, I have been following your blog for awhile, and while laying in bed watching Cupcake Wars the other night, there was a woman who was a vegan and made all her cupcakes that way too. The judges thought hers were the best tasking out of them all, even though they didn't think they would be. She also won overall, and one the 10,000 dollar prize. I thought of you while watching, and wanted to tell you about it.

  3. I have just started following you and wanted to say that I love your blog. Also, I love the jellies they are adorable.

  4. i just found your blog yesterday and have been looking at it nonstop. lovely. I just started blogging in prep for my little bean due may 1st. thanks for all you share! 🙂

  5. I love this, adriana and ryland would love helping me make them too! thank you for sharing, lovely lady.