First of all, I wrote a little guest posty post over at the Barley & Birch blog. If you’re interested I suggest you check it out! πŸ™‚ Just some ramblings about my thoughts on the lovely and advanced Marlowe standing.

Picture 2

Second, have you heard about all the awesome things Barley & Birch are doing over in Haiti? No? Then go check it out. Seriously, it’s friggen amazing. I love Kyle, she really is doing some awesome things for our world. &She in the middle of her last and final round of finals EVER. Wish her some major luck (not that she’ll need it) and send some good positive vibes her way! πŸ™‚

Diet Water

For tomorrow’s *Diet Water* we will be doing something a little new…. having recipe guest post! It’s a delicious one too. As soon as I make my next trip to Whole Foods I will be trying this one out myself for sure…. but even without trying it you can tell it’s going to be amazingly delicious. We wont have guest posters on a regular basis… but if you do have a recipe you’d like to share with the readers of ohdeardrea, contact me &we can make something happen πŸ™‚ The only catch: It must be vegan-friendly or easily veganized πŸ™‚

The following week you can look forward to a HUGE picture post (and recipes/words too) with tons of meals prepared throughout the week. Next time/one time I would like to document every meal and do a post like this more frequently.


Marlowe’s Father

I know it’s only Thursday, but I hope everyone’s got some awesome weekend plans. I am not exactly looking forward to this one. Marlowe’s father will be in town again. &even though the last time he was here it went really well…. this time around the tensions are a bit high, the trust is a bit low, and mediation is Monday. Eeek. I’m sure (I hope) everything will go fine in mediation, &I’m thinking strong happy thoughts, but if you get a chance, maybe send some positive thoughts my way on Monday <3

Goodbye To A Friend
Welp, my friend Fabian is a jerk and moves to Atlanta today. Yep, before he was just a few blocks north, and now he will be 9 hours north. But, that is life… things change, people move on, yada yada. I’m sure I’ll see him sooner rather then later though… I better otherwise he is going to see some Colombian rage come out of me (*HINT*). We had a little goodbye dinner for him last saturday at pizzeria. &a little drinking gathering after, but Marlowe and I missed out on that. Here are a few pictures from pizzeria:
look at some of the faces on these goons. jeez jerks. 
I’ll miss your bald head, your laugh, and the way you point and go “HAHA!” I’ll see you soon ya jerk. Don’t forget to vote for my clog blog while living the good life. &Yes, I still want to do a post solely of your face and middle finger. 
Peace out my non Mexican homie. 
Oh! &A Carseat Question:
This topic came up a bit on the twitter, but I want to ask here and make it a bit more specific. I’ve got a small two door car (a civic) and it’s about time Marlowe is fitted for a new car-seat. Do you have any recommendations? I want good quality, preferably not black, and small enough for a two door! Advice is always appreciated πŸ™‚ 


  1. love your hair back like that, so cute! also, my captcha is the word swoobili, thought that was funny as i was entering!

  2. Good luck this weekend, positive energy is being sent your way! Oh, and we have a Maxi Cosi and absolutely love it. It's not ridiculously big like most seats πŸ™‚

  3. Sending good thoughts for Monday with Marlowe's dad. Luckily my daughters dad & I have been able to work most everything out through counseling but I'm sure there will be a day when we go to mediation.
    As for the car seat, I've heard really great things about Sunshine Kids car seats. Theyre super slim yet super protective.

  4. I just read your guest post over at Barley & Birch, and man, I hear you. Becoming a momma has made for the longest nights and the shortest months of my life! I have a six month old boy and I live in Panama very far away from my closest friends and family (besides my boyfriend/baby daddy). I'm glad to have your blog to relate to the joys and relentlessness of being a parent!

    Your Marlowe is a beauty.


  5. ok, car seat…. we really like our maxicosi. it is not HUGE like most car seats but Lily has had it since she was a newborn and still has a while to go.

    Marlowe's dad…. good luck monday. happy positive thoughts going your way.

    friend going away… sorry, i hate when friends move πŸ™

    also, i've noticed that lately you have been mentioning that you have been missing out on the drinking whereas before, you were drinking. did someone start making you feel bad for having some drinks while you were breast feeding? cause if so, they are assholes!

  6. I just wanted to let you know that you're article over at Barley and Birch was incredible. Your honesty about your life and your feelings is one of the main reasons I love your blog so much. I totally understand having complete opposite feelings on the same thing, almost like you don't know what to think because your brain is confused. It takes a lot of strength to admit things to yourself and to others when you feel a different way then you think you should. Marlowe is lucky to have a mother that strives for more, but yet at the same time can be happy and appreciate what she has in front of her. I struggle with balancing those two things myself πŸ™‚

  7. I am still very new to your blog but wanted to say I will send good vibes your way, you have an adorable little gal, and I love your blog. So glad I found this!

  8. I have a great little recipe for a quinoa, courgette, tomato, chilli and feta salad. Is there something feta'esque that you think would work as a good sub? Something that would crumble and stick a little to the quinoa?