I know I’m a bit late and short on time for this one but…

Hello friends! Would you like to sponsor ohdeardrea for the month of May?
Reasons you might want to sponsor us:
-We LOVE our sponsors! We are happy to work with our sponsors to offer the best relationship possible! We’re happy when you’re happy too 🙂
-We have jumped from an average of 12,000 page views for the month December, 14,000 page views in January, and 26,000 page views in February! That’s over a 100% increase in 3 months!
-We’ve reached even more viewers at 32,000 for the month of March. 
-Ohdeardrea is gaining new readers and growing everyday! &We would love to grow with you!
-We offer larger ad spaces to attract more viewers to your site.
-We are currently offering large ad spots at: 180 x 150 (yes, that is quite large!)
-Or smaller ad spots of: 180×75 
-As a lifestyle/baby blog we offer a little something for everyone. Ranging from babies, to crafting, to vegan organic cooking, to an eco-friendly single mama we attract a variety of readers.
-From a blog sponsor highlight post, to facebook, and twitter, we’ve got all areas covered to ensure your name is getting out there!   
If you’ve got a website, shop, or blog that you’d like us to promote, then we would love to work with you! 
Please contact me at: ohdeardrea@gmail.com
Thank you so much!

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