Like I’ve recently mentioned… this week has been a bit difficult. Not only with the sleep, but there’s been a few other woeful things going on these parts… Well, Michelle and I decided to take Marlowe on a mini road trip to Cocoa Beach to visit Lisa who was visiting on vacation from Buffalo. Well, (obviously) we also had to go meet her little miss Saffron and her hubby Phil 🙂

It’s crazy what a difference a two hour drive can make. Sure, we have a beach 2 miles east, but it was oh so nice to get away for a few hours and not think about anything except sunshine, babies, and friends. Also, the weather was very different two hours north. We drove through rain spurts and downpours to arrive to very breezy and much cooler weather. We introduced our little lady babies and took them swimming. I don’t know many other babies around Marlowe’s age other than Calvin, it’s always great to see the interactions between them. Marlowe always seems soooo interested in other mini people her size. Saffron is awesome with her full head of her &she seems so much more girly than Marlowe, even in her awesome little swim shorts and rash guard shirt <3

Marlowe in her super adorable new swimsuit and sunhat sent to her from Boden! They seriously have the cutest little girl and boys clothes ever. Yes, I am jealous and wish they made some of them in adult sizes. They also sent this mama a swimsuit too, but I’m a dummy &didn’t wear it. Yeah, I’m obviously a floral nut. I can’t help it. I would love if I could sit on my floral couch all day with my floral Boden swimsuit. Maybe I will… don’t judge me 🙂
Bathing suit: modcloth
Marlowe’s dress: starbugaloo
&Michelle, because she insisted to take a picture of herself &not let me do it for her. 
&a sleepy lovey baby. 
PS. Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my dietwater &easter post! Marlowe has been doing much better sleeping the past two nights. It’s been amazing. You guys rule. 
Also, be sure to check out Lisa’s etsy shop for awesome vintage shoes! 


  1. drea, it was so good to meet you! i was a little frazzled (family+travel+beachin'&boozin') and it was a little surreal to look at marlowe and think, ooh – i'm with you! i'm not just checking out how you two are doing on the internets. i loved especially when the babies looked at each other when we were by the pool & reached for each other. i want saffron to see that there are other little people out there like her, because so often it's just me & her!

    thanks for dropping the shop's name, and i can't wait until we do this again!


  2. i'm just now noticing your new haircut. it looks really good, inspiring me to get mine cut now. everyone is headed to the beach! one of the few reasons i do love the south. 🙂

  3. Beautiful suit, you're making me wish I had chosen something bright instead of black. I can't wait until my own beach trip with my boo this summer =)

  4. yay! baby/water play dates are the best. when are you coming back down to miami?
    can we have a photo shoot and have you and Marlowe be part of my mamas&their babies segment?

  5. That's the coolest swimsuit ever on Marlowe! I really want the strawberry one for Eleanor, but they are sold out of the 3/6 month size. Hmph.

    Hope things cheer up for you around there. It's nice to have a little escape every once in a while.

  6. Dang lady, I can't believe how FIT you look! I'm 11 weeks postpartum and don't even dare thinking about a bathing suit…Hello baby-fat (literally) and stretchmarks!

  7. I love the name Saffron. and you look amazing in that suit! and Marlowe's suit is super adorable.

    I absolutely love the third picture of this post. <3