You know those friends that you could go days, weeks, months, even years without seeing, but then you: see them, hug them, and have everything be just as close, happy, and special as it always was? I have them. I have quite a few of those friends actually, moving around a lot will do that to you. Those friends who you intend to call *right back* but then forget and have a much longer time than needed (or wanted) pass you by without speaking, but the next conversation will be like nothing ever happened… Those friends that will always be part of your life, always, always always. Like I said, I have a lot of people in my life like that, but I’ve got one friend that’s been there and will be there longer then anyone else. Happy Birthday Christine.
You are true to your taurus sign. You are stubborn and hardheaded. You rarely get frazzled &you are (usually) focused. You are overly critical, but tolerant. You are cautious and not one to take serious risks (like finally leaving Massachusetts and moving to Florida with me ya’ jerk). You’re slow to get close to people, but you are loyal once you are committed… well, you are to me 🙂 You are reliable and loving. Did I mention you’re hard-headed? 🙂 Ha.
Horoscopes aside, I love you Christine. I’m glad we have 7 kids together…. or something. You are an unwavering friend. &a best friend. And I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Thanks for being on the worst soccer team in the world with me (one goal the whole season. GO TEAM!). Thanks for taking the city bus in junior high in the freezing cold and snow with me. Thanks for loving freestyle as much as I do, maybe even… more than I do. Thanks for sharing your locker with me the one year of high school we shared together (and giving me a shout out in the yearbook that I refused to be in). Thanks for drunkenly telling me your secrets (that I already knew) in the bathroom of a salsa club in Boston. Thanks for being the only friend who would visit me when I moved to Arizona for a year. Thanks for almost getting lost and almost driving off a cliff with me while driving through the back roads of the Grand Canyon. Thanks for being there for me through hard times and laughing with me through good times. Whether it’s been together or apart you’ve always been an amazing friend. Thank you for always being a phone call away. I’m going to call you back now (5 days later).

pictures 046
(because everyone needs to stand in front of an open fridge with sunglasses on.)
Happy Birthday. 
&of course this:
Did you get your gift? I just sent you my love ♥

Also, I just realized it was a day and year today that I moved away from Miami. How crazy is it to see what a difference a year makes? Whoa


  1. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have someone like you in my life… ♪♫I'll be loving you all my life ♪♫ and even beyond my dying day …. MUAH you truly are the bestest friend i've ever had!!! =)

  2. @Carynn: I couldnt have said it better! Thank you 🙂

    @holly: Me too 🙂

    @lil muse lily: I was only there for school. I moved back when I got pregnant to be closer to family.

    @kara: you should! Best friends are the best!

  3. Your hair in the sunglasses/fridge pic – I die. It looks so beautiful!

    This post makes me want to write a dedication to my bestie.

  4. How blessed we are to have those friendships… Low maintenance, high-impact, full of love. I loved this post for your friend!