Wow, my little baby no longer feels like a baby.. she feels like a little girl. She is now seven months (two days ago). She is now closer to a one year toddler then to a newborn. I constantly find myself asking: “How did time go by so fast? How have I been here everyday, but feel like every moment has passed too quickly? Will I remember every detail of everyday and every accomplishment— no matter how significant or insignificant that event may seem?”
This has been another month of firsts for my little babycakes. She has learned to bring herself in a sitting position without any help. She has learned to pull herself up to stand in the crib. She has learned to pull herself up in the even harder (no bars to grab) playpen. She’s still stubborn and refusing to crawl, &prefers to hold the bars of the crib and scoot her way from one side to the other. She has learned to wave her little hand to say “hello” to people. She enjoys an occasional meal every other day or so, but she is still fully and completely attached (pun intended) to my breasts. She has had another growth spurt recently and: gained a few inches, outgrown all her shoes, and moved up a snap on her cloth diapers. She is just about impossible for me to carry in a sling now.. she’s a bit heavy for this short &small mama (oh the backaches and arm workouts!) She’s still teething, but lacking the teeth. She still loves baths, pulling hair, squeezing faces, and putting all toys and objects in her mouth. She has the most amazing hand-eye coordination and pick a thread up on one easy try. She’s still completely lovable and for the most part– she’s in good spirits on the day to day. Even spending everyday with her I am able to see the subtle (and some not so subtle) changes happening. I can see her grow grow grow. Even during the hardest days, difficult evenings, and sleepless nights: I am happy to be here raising her and I’m happy and so in love with the fact that I get to experience every ever-so-quickly passing moment with her.



  1. marlowe is so precious! so is that zebra! where is it from?!

    time flies when you're having fun. i wish they could stay little for just a while longer 🙂 i can't believe my baby girl is going to be TWO in june!

  2. Your daughter is so lovely! Happy 7 months…

    Also, hello! I'm new to your blog and am really digging it. Found it through a mutual friend on Facebook (Christine S), so random FB browsing can pay off. I'm also living in LW; expecting a son in June. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. happy seven months Marlowe! & especially happy seven months to you lady- cheers to being an amazing momma!

  4. So cute! Marlowe is getting so big. I remember when Roweyn turned 7 months…she started eating finger foods and started army crawling! That was a fun month for us.

  5. Awww, this blog is bitter/sweet. Dont grow up too fast Marlowe, happy 7 months!!!!!

  6. sooo beautiful, that little baby girl!

    and where oh where did that stuffed zebra come from? i love it.

  7. aw, happy 7 months Marlowe!!! time flies when you are watching someone grow, doesn't it? blows my mind every day.

  8. she is sooo adorable!!! I think I say that every time I comment, but really… so cute.

  9. Ugh I feel the same way with Alyson all the time! I'm already somewhat planning her 1st birthday! Its hard to believe they'll be 1 soon and running around as full blown toddlers! I still can't grasp that concept lol.

    The Sweetest Life

  10. She's so sweet! Yay for 7 months! The older they get the faster time seems to go! Do cherish everything!