It was another busy &wonderful weekend here. Summer really &truly has hit us full force. It’s almost *too* much. I know last year at this time: it wasn’t *this* hot… but I guess it is what it is… it’s Florida. 
I’m lucky that none my lady friends work Friday afternoons– it makes us all able to go out for breakfast/brunch/coffee/whatever together. We met up for food &afterwards walked to coffee.  Later, I finished up some projects and packages to mail out. Instead of the usual Friday evening Indian food outings Eric and I have– we brought Indian food in and hung out with Michelle all night… along with Marlowe who refused to go (and stay) asleep.
Saturday we attended a homebrew competition 3 blocks away from my house. My brother and his wifey were participating in with their Dorito and orange flavored beers. I refused to taste either of their beers, but of course voted for them. After the competition we grabbed some food (aka fries) and then I headed home earlier with Marlowe to make sure she would be fed and happy. 
Sunday Michelle came by and joined Eric and I for breakfast (french toast). We later crafted and went on  a long bike ride to the diner in the next town/city over. It was my longest bike ride yet, and yes, I am impressed and pleased with myself. Traveling long distance on a trike is hard. 
I finally opened up the playpen. It’s HUGE. But man, it’s been a nice (short) break. 
dance party. 


Marlowes grandma (her father’s mom) sent us a babyfood maker this week. Wooo. My first adventure was a kale/apple puree for babycakes.  You can’t tell by her face, but she digs it. Also, fyi– it looks the same way going in as it does the next day coming out. 
Homebrew competition. 
This happened a few times. You will find: most men do not appreciate their snap button shirts being ripped open. Trust me, try it (only if they have a good sense of humor). It’s amusing, especially when their hands are full. (&no, Eric did not have that many sample cups, everyone just kept adding them on to his pile)


(I need to clean my porch)
I didn’t realize this til later…. but… I ate this plus a salad, plus an order of tots. I guess I was hungry. Womp.

Michelle also purchased a trike! Unlike me, she can ride a bike (whatever– she’s a show off). A grocery store is opening just a few blocks away in 2.5 weeks and she is excited to never have to get in her car to buy food. Trikes are awesome. Admit it– you want one. We are starting a tricycle posse— with custom made shirts (obviously). We’ve been trying to come up with good names, but the only name that comes up is “trike dikes” but neither of us are lesbians and we don’t want/need to offend anyone… so there are some major flaws in this name.
Also, I asked for good name ideas for my bike (trike) a while ago, and never officially decided on anything, but I think I’m going to go with: “Cinnamon”. One. It’s cute. Two: It makes me think of this song that I love:

PS.Today is the last day to enter our v e r t e b r a e giveaway! Don’t forget! The giveaway closes 9pm eastern standard time 🙂


  1. @melissa d: it's just like apple sauce, except green. I plan on making this allll the time. nom.

    @twelveohoh: That feels like 10 years ago doesn't it? Congrats on your new job lady <3<3<3<3<3<3 <– so much love.

    @carey: doo it. They had the pets one and another one.. maybe wild animals?

    @hanguptheheels: She began sitting up around 4 months and a week or so… but I'm pretty sure thats really really early and not the norm. She just started being able to pull herself up into the sitting position 2+ weeks ago though 🙂

  2. i love the photo of Marlowe in her play pen. My girl Sadie isn't quite sitting up yet, but I can't wait to put her in hers and let her play. Soon, I hope. When did Marlowe begin sitting alone?

  3. haha that is so funny! i work there (as a visual manager) and have never seen them. thanks – i'll be on the lookout when we go visit soon.

  4. Yay Howleys! I need a new bike and was contemplating a trike for the big basket benefits. Hmm. For your trike posse: Trike Lub. Get it? Not really, but that's all I got. Also, Marlowe's eyelashes are unreal! She's a beauty like her mama. <3 Hannah

  5. your weeks are always so lovely! oh how i yearn for some of that florida sun to come to washington!

    kale apple? i must try!

  6. thank you thank you 🙂

    @melissa: Thrifted for sure. The brand is First Impressions though… which is still a brand now… but yeah, it def. doesnt seem like a newer item.

    @stephanie: I KNOW. I tried to twitter you and you either hate me or aren't catching my tweets lady. &minus the drive, I'm sure Orlando was much much better.

    @carey: They are from anthrolopogie, and totally wonderful. She loves them, especially the cat one. Meow.

  7. That is one of my fav songs ever. i discovered it on Girls Gone Child years ago. also, your life is so adorable.

  8. My in-laws who live in Tampa part of they year have two trikes! One was for Nathan's grandma and the other for his mom. I tried to ride with his grandma once and it was soooo hard! I couldn't figure out how to steer that thing. So you go!

    Also, those black and white cards in the pic with Marlowe – do you remember where you got them? We've been searching for some black and white cards to start showing Eleanor but haven't had any luck.

  9. Fun. You live pretty close to us. We are in Delray. The homebrew festival sounds pretty fun.. I would have skipped Orlando for that… 🙂

  10. my oh my! where did you get that adorable little yellow outfit that Marlowe is wearing? It is perfect.. I'm pretty sure it's probably a rare vintage find, BUT if you got it from some sort of store PLEASE let me know where! My bestfriends daughter would look gorgeous in it… just like Marlowe does 🙂 love all the pictures, by the way!

  11. I've been looking for a used trike for SO long now! Feel my envy coming through the computer!! 🙂

    Speaking of packages you mailed out, we got one! Will do a blog post on it this week, if that's okay with you! <3


  12. amazing as always- I used to have a trike but it was given away when a whole load of drama dropped from the sky in wrath of my used-to-be evil mother at the time. anyway, it is a darn good work out riding a long distance, its much different than a bicycle 🙂 yours is gorgeous. <3

    and I love love love that picture of you and Eric. perfection.

    Marlowe is as beautiful as ever.