Well, in just a short 3 days we will be traveling to Atlanta. And by traveling, I mean: flying. And by flying, I most likely mean: holding on to a baby while digging my nails into my arm rest or into Eric’s arm. I wish I could say every time I fly I look this happy and this glamorous:
but, I don’t. I really really don’t. 
(i miss you long hair)

I’ve been the passenger crying helplessly to the stranger next to me. I’ve been the person screaming “we’re going to die!” &the person so incredibly out of it from a few too many anxiety pills and glasses of wine. So of course, as much as I’m looking forward to this weekend getaway with family and friends, I am also bit weary. The last time I flew was a little over a year ago. I was newly pregnant and of course, anxiety medication and drink free. My pregnant belly wasn’t obvious yet &I was sitting there holding on to my seat for dear life, tears streaming down my face, biting down on my lip as tight as humanly possible during take off. The passenger next to me was trying to console me tell me “everything is going to be alright” while I rambled away trying to explain that I was pregnant, refusing to take an anxiety pill, and scared. Fun right? Ha, sure. This happens 75% of the time. &For whatever reason: I’m okay and even happy 25% of all other flying adventures. Who knows what my deal is– not me. 
Well, this thursday will be Babycakes first airplane adventure &I have to do everything possible to hold myself together. I know my fear for flying is a bit really irrational. I know I’ll more than likely be fine— I just need to do my best to make sure to never instill a fear of flying in Marlowe. I’ve got to put on my happy face and do my best to make sure she has a great flight. Like her, I’m a newbie to this mama-baby flying thing. I’m happy that I can breastfeed her if necessary &I’m hoping the air pressure wont hurt her little ears too much. I’m also happy to have Eric (also not great at flying) to help out a bit if need be. I’m happy that I’m not panicking quite yet, and feeling kinda sorta confident so far. 
This time around we wont be able to bring even half the amount of things we brought up to Atlanta before. We plan on making a bed on the floor for Marlowe (a real bed is out of the question– she loves to roll everywhere), we also plan on bringing the stroller/car seat combo– some how, and maybe the tiny bit of frozen milk I have stored up. We’ll see how it goes. Have any tips to flying with a 6 month old, please please send em this way! 🙂


  1. Good luck! I am a full-on freak out, xanex taking, crying flyer. This Christmas i have to fly for the first time wit my 2 kids (4 and 6) and i have NO IDEA how I'm going to keep my sh** together on the flight with them, but then again, when it comes to being strong for my kids i always amaze myself and I'm sure you will too. Deep breaths. Xanex if you can. More deep breaths.

  2. ill be taking some of this advice. i'll be flying back to the states from australia with a three month old. good luck with everything. be sure to tell us how it goes!

  3. For the ears popping: give her a bit of bread before take-off. If she's chewing down then the ear popping thing shouldn't be a problem.

    A little tip my parents handed down to me when they were flying with babies on ski-ing trips to France!

  4. i used to be terrible at flying also. crying, physically not getting on a plane and missing my destination (yeah, not good). then my friend told me that before she gets on a plane, she touches it, gets on with the right foot and whispers to herself :get me there safely). i do this EVERY time i fly and for some reason, it puts me at ease. that and superstitious lucky charms like jewelry that i always wear when i fly.
    ever since i had Lily though, i'm amazed at how at ease i make myself to not send off nervous energy to her. i still touch the plane while boarding.
    you will be fine. safe travels!

    p.s.- you look fab a s blonde as well!

  5. I hear you, I don't fly much, but I do like traveling but when it comes to actually getting on the plane- it's never fun. I just try to get there nice and early to avoid any other anxiety-inducing situations & bring music or books that will distract my mind. I try to think things like 'this flight isn't much longer than this cd, or this movie etc.' and that helps me pass the time. Safe & happy travels to you, Eric & Marlowe 🙂


  6. So I fly, say, more than the average person. I used to need anxiety pills when I flew but had to do without on my long return flights from Korea/Germany. What works for me is a combo of two things:

    1. I always get a seat in front of the wing, even if it means I'm riding bitch…this makes a huge difference in the amount of turbulence I actually feel and goes a long way toward keeping my heartbeat and trembling/sobbing in check.

    2. Get a mantra, something to meditate on and repeat over and over (silently) to help reaffirm your control of your own physical/emotional reaction to the stress of takeoff/landing/turbulence (these are the things that kill me). As you know, I'm not religious at all and don't believe in all that jazz, but there's a verse from the Bible that works for me because I've been using it to calm myself down since I was a kid, and it's also got pretty great vibes: "For God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." Hail Mary's work fine, too, at least for me.

    Good luck, mama, you can do this!

  7. Ugh flying with a baby is so hit or miss. When I flew with Cruz the Dr told me to nurse on the way up and on the way down to avoid pressure on the ears and that worked good for us. Also, the captain of the flight came back and told me that the back of the airplane, near the bathrooms vibrates more then any area of the plane and while its kind of scary for you, I guess it really helps to soothe some babies. And Cruz loved the looking out the window, it kept him distracted for at least 15 minutes, so maybe try for a window seat.

    Good luck mama.

  8. Thanks so much guys— I am actually a very frequent flyer— from the age of 5 or so up until I got pregnant with Marlowe I would travel on 4-6+ planes a year. I just hateee it.

    Thanks for all the advice and the positive words! I've checked out the sites recommended 🙂 &it's true, I have to remember it's a very very short flight! A good starter flight for Marlowe 🙂

    @mandy– this was incredibly helpful and useful advice. I will keep in mind the fiery inferno while flying. (djkgdfkjfhskh!) 🙂

  9. First of all, that photo of you is adorable. Secondly I totally feel your pain. Every time I get onto a plane, I look around and think 'I might die with these people.' Morbid and weird, I know…butI am obviously still alive 🙂
    I think it is totally awesome that although you have major fear and anxiety about it, you still get on the plane, and still travel. Because I know a lot of people that will never see parts of this world because of their fear of flying. So even though you are scared, kudos to you!

  10. Yes, I do have advice, especially concerning bringing and/or needing all the baby stuff. Rent it!

    Here's one that services ATL:

    It's not very expensive and it's so much easier and less stressful to have all the stuff you need but not have to carry it.

    Also, just take your Xanax. 🙂

  11. I can't wait for you guys to get here! I was a terrible flyer, actually refused to do it for years. Flying with the kids has helped me I pull it together for them. I can't wait to see what shape you guys are in when I pick you up!

  12. hey you look like Kate Moss in this picture 🙂
    I have flown with my kids before and they have been a dream come true. They just hang out and then fall asleep but one thing I think helped was having pacifiers. if Babycakes doesn't use the pacifier, breastfeeding will help. i live by the airport in San Diego and when my mom was freaking out about flying i told her, "look at all these planes flying by every 5 minutes, people do it every day every hour." Everythings going to be FINE. you'll have so much fun once you get there! Good luck Drea! This week I will be posting our two week trip to Mexico, we visited 5 cities. Its awesome traveling with your babies! the hardest thing is being at the airport trying to lug all your stuff and your kids. when we went to Mexico I took clothes that wasn't gonna fit the kids anymore so before we left I gave away clothes to people I met there. they were happy and it made space in our luggage (for souvenirs!) have fun, I LOVE ATLANTA!! such a beautiful city!

  13. i've flown many times with violet, and the only way to you can conquer a phobia is.. by conquering you phobia 🙂 you can do it! have you heard of flyebaby? i used it when we went to hawaii and to canada.. its perfection


  14. lady. i am the SAME way. i have cried while complete strangers look on. i white knuckle the arm rests the whole way. i recently started taking meds for flying and it helps, but i still am convinced without a doubt i'm going to die in a firey inferno every single time. i LOVED flying until i was about 22 and got in a terrible car accident.

    sorry for verbally vomitting on your post. i hope it all goes well.

  15. I'll be reading these comments! I want to fly back home for a month with my baby (who will probably be 6 months by then) and I'm really hoping she wont freak out. 11 hours flight, fun…Good luck and have fun in Atlanta!

  16. I have no tips…I wish I did! I am also one of those people who NEED anxiety meds to fly anywhere! No matter how long the flight. I'm sure the little one will keep your mind off of things while your flying 🙂

  17. Hi – I just started following your blog, and I love it!
    Landing is harder on the ears than take-off… I've heard anyway. If she can suck on something or breastfeed on the way down it might be easier on her. There is a blog somewhere I read about travelling with a baby, I'll try to find it and send you the link.

  18. oh do i feel your pain! my dad is even a pilot and i am terrified of riding in a plane.

    good luck!

  19. I've flown frequently my entire life (up until 2009 when I quit)and I'm totally like that. My last flight I was bawling and squeezing the hand of the little old lady next to me. My advice: drink.

  20. Hot mama!

    Good luck- Ocean was an angel when we flew to CT, and I flew all by myself! *pat on the back* Just be sure and have snacks and a baby carrier. Oh, and easy slip on and off shoes for both you and Marlowe baby.