You see what I did there? “Traveling with the baby.” Could I mean: Marlowe? Or do I mean myself? Heh.
No, but really, we were both awesome. Marlowe I and deserve virtual pats on the back. During the first take off I got a bit tense and held Marlowe while I looked out the window trying not to cry…. the rest of the time I was fine. And Marlowe? Zero tears, lots of playing, some napping, and in a great mood. My kid rules. She made it through the gate and the airport, went on a plane and then journeyed through the train and transfers without a single tear. Getting through the gate was a piece of cake thanks to Eric. Marlowe and I packed one small luggage, a backpack, and a diaper bag, while Eric had his one backpack. This is pretty impressive considering, I brought the breast pump, two frozen bottles of milk, and all her cloth diapers.

We packed smart. Aka. I am the most OCD packer ever. I brought a few sets of pjs. Easy on and off tees (of course with her garlic shirt from B&B) and pants that can easily be interchanged. I packed two vintage dresses (one from Mandy of Opal! this dress was a big hit… obviously). I wanted to bring more but I knew it would be more on the chilly side. &a few disposable diapers.. just incase. They were/are actually too small for Miss Marlowe’s bum… but whatever. 
We filled up on food before we left. A traveling mama that is hungry and grumpy is bad bad bad idea.
We packed her 3 favorite toys/teethers
We had a window seat for optimal viewing. (We were actually really lucky to have the whole row to ourselves on the first flight…. not so much on the second.)
I brought a scarf to hide a hungry little one.
(Marlowes shoes: vintage shoe love)
(Marlowes tee: Barley &Birch)

We took turns passing around a baby. Sure, I could have traveled alone and been fine too, but it was so much better with Eric there (obviously). Bathroom trips would have been a lot more interesting without him. 

Sleeping worn out baby and a somewhat relaxed mama. 
Once we arrived, Sara and Cassie greeted us at the gate &helped us out. We packed up the stroller with bags to push while Marlowe was passed out in my arms.
We jumped on some trains &that was that: we made it to Atlanta with two very awful adult flyers and one baby first time flyer.

The adults stayed calm (one of us had a few day time cocktails to calm their nerves… I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t the one nursing the baby). We kept the Marlowe entertained. We packed light. We kept a scarf and breasts at arms reach. And we kept an open &peaceful mind. We (I) thought maybe it was just a fluke and assumed the flight back might be more difficult…. but nope: it also went great. It was a completely packed flight at 9:30 at night. Marlowe was wide awake for 90% of the flight, the cabin was dark, and we had a frigid b*tch of a woman next to us…. but again, zero tears and lots of smiles from an entertained baby.

Yep. We did it.

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  1. it sounds like your trip went great! im not even that organized sometimes, and i dont have a baba to deal with!

    love your little tattoo 🙂


  2. So glad everything went smoothly for you!! I am seriously envious of your packing skills. Please share on Marlowe's favorite teething toys!

  3. It sounds like it couldn't have gone better. Congrats on making it through your flight!

  4. I just love your blog! I'm 25 and my husband and I are trying to get our minds set on a baby. Your blog is very inspirational for me I just adore your sweet family 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us all.

  5. We are taking an airplane trip when Cora will be 7 months old. I'm kind of nervous about it, just because I'm afraid of flying and I am hoping that I am well organized…Glad to know your flight went so well 🙂
    I wish I could be the one to have the cocktails to calm my nerves!!