Well, the weekend is over. Marlowe’s father came and left and everything is once again, how it was before his visit– back to normal life. It was probably the best weekends we’ve had together since Marlowe’s birth. High tension at points, but no fighting and little disagreements. I laugh more since having Marlowe– it helps. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy. &even when she’s not happy, I’m okay, because I know: we’ve got a really good life going on here.

We took Marlowe to Miami on saturday. We visited the raw market that we had visited a million times before together. I picked up a few spices and we snacked on some lunch. We debated on taking Marlowe to the Fairchild Gardens where we once members of or visiting Viscaya– a mansion and garden near where we used to live. Not planning our day very well— we realized it was much later than we had thought and most outdoor places were closing. We chose Viscaya giving us an hour and a half to roam the gardens. It was beautiful. It’s ridiculous that we had never visited before. We tried to think of reasons why, but we have no excuse. I wish I had known what I was missing, I would have went everyday. I really can’t wait to take Marlowe back. I cannot describe how gorgeous it was &my pictures don’t do the views any justice.

Sunday consisted of: coffee, a grumpy morning with two hungry parents, cuban food, purchasing a stroller, the park where Marlowe could meet his mother, the beach, &dinner at home.

He made many attempts to use the baby-sling this weekend, but Miss Marlowe only wanted to be in her mama’s ams. Practically every walk, definitely every meal, and every activity at home: I held her. But she was a champ throughout the weekend: slept in the car, played at the beach, happy during meals, and so on. I’m a lucky mama.

The Market
A mess of food. I spy a fruit pie in the background.
sneak attack.
lost in a maze.
my favorite thing.
Getting coffee for the Cuban (Jewban).
He may not be in her life much, &he may not have done much for either her or I since I became pregnant, but despite everything: he is her father, &I still care about him, &at one point I loved him, so we’ve got to do the best with this life we’ve got. 


Also, We’ve reached 300+ google connect followers which means it’s time for another giveaway. I know I said monday, but the giveaway will be announced tomorrow. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments on the baby bump post. I’m silly (I was a first timer with zero   baby belly experience) & I thought that blue dress would actually be able to make throughout the whole pregnancy. It wasn’t very long before my breasts and ribs outgrew that dress. ha. Thanks again guys 🙂
Don’t forget: if you’ve got anymore questions to the vegan post: ask! There are no dumb questions and I’m happy to answer or help with anything 🙂


  1. oh honey, i'm glad everything went.. as smoothly as you could probably expect it to? and someone really does lover their mama. that's so sweet, i love it. that means you're doing an amazing job.

    fantastic pictures. also, we live in the same state. awesome.

  2. Im so impressed with you. a lot of single moms out there go on and on about hating on the dad and it bums me out. dont get me wrong, im sure they (and you) have plenty of reason to hate on BD's but at the same time, for the baby's sake, i feel like it should be kept out of the public eye. So, good for you for encouraging his presence in her life. Someday she will be thankful that you fostered that relationship. You are awesome.

  3. You are a brave woman and I'm really encouraged by your grace with your ex and Marlowe's father. Hugs!

  4. Yeah… beautiful baby AND beautiful pics of the mansion you visited. I sent the link to my sister bc the pics reminded me of something she'd love! Now, I guess we'll all have to visit! 😉

    Yes… I, too, was wondering how Eric took everything, and I also wanted to know if you had posted/will post the story of you and her father.

    My baby daddy was not involved during my pregnancy. He wanted me to end it… I didn't. Relationship dissolved. However, right around the time she was born, he came back into her life and has been there since. I am grateful she will have him in her life; he has a lot of good qualities and things to teach her only he can. I loved him once, and I am healing from that and coming to terms with the fact that we are not getting back together.

    I'm focusing on the baby, of course, and when the time is right for me to meet Mr. Right, I will be ready.

    I admire Eric for how he has stepped up for both of you, and I know you consider yourself a lucky girl… just know Eric's pretty lucky, too 😉

    Thanks for sharing your life.

  5. very sweet, I like how you ended it. you're such a strong lady- marlowe is beautiful as always and the pictures you took are breathtaking. thank you so much for sharing. I always look forward to your weekend posts.


  6. i thought about you this weekend, i'm glad all went well. i must say, i saw your tweet that something about "marlowe's mom and dad" and i thought you meant eric…he seems to be the more practical option for dad.for a minute i forgot baby daddy was coming.

    marlowe looks gorgeous as always 🙂

  7. I admire you for being able to hang out with Marlowe's father. I think I've mentioned before, I supervise visits between my daughter and her father. Since she is only six, that means I am with her dad once a week. We try to plan fun activities, too. Sometimes, it is "wonderful," under the circumstances. Other times, not so great. We have not lost that ability to get into it, unfortunately. Maybe it is easier when they live far away and only come to visit occasionally. Regardless, I feel the same…He is her father, I care about him…and I used to love him. Blessings to you and Marlowe.

  8. you're a good mom drea, especially amidst seemingly uncomfortable situations. way to go you.

  9. How wonderful that you both are willing to put energy into spending some time together for Marlowe's sake. I can imagine it must be hard, but it's very mature, loving and unselfish to do it for your daughter. You look like a very good momma to Marlowe!

  10. That place seriously looks amazing. Im coming to visit right now

    Glad the weekend went as well as it could and he is trying to be there now.

  11. we love the fairchild and were members last year. i think it's time to renew the membership since we are not moving.

    looks like you had a lovely weekend.

    it must be hard to have to hang out and share someone you love so much with someone you once loved.
    i'm sure it's not easy on Eric either.
    you all do it well.

  12. It's great that you can hang out together for her sake. I would love to hear the story of you & her father. Have you ever posted it? Will you ever post it?