This little babycakes is growing up quick. Monster speed. She’s more fun than ever before– I’ve been looking forward to this new little stage in her— where you can see her little personality really begin to shine through. Stubborn, strong willed, and a little ridiculous. Slowly she’s leaving babyhood and developing into a little character all her own. Mostly happy and content, sometimes aggressive and frustrated, always amazing. She grunts for attention and blows raspberries in the air. She loves slobbering mama’s cheeks and lips in big wet slimy kisses. She is still really and truly addicted to boobs. I must pull them out 30+ times a day (hardly an exaggeration). Loving on the occasional mango or occasional apple-kale puree. Loving swim time and bath time. Hating sleep 98% of the time (she really is her mother’s daughter). Loves play time. Only crawls to find something an object to grab for standing. Loves puppies and yelling at them for their attention. Full of drool and smiles. She’s amazing little girl. I already miss every moment passed, but I am looking forward to so much more. Happy eight months, babycakes.


  1. eight months! eight months! eight months! wootwoot! she is so adorable, her outfits are *almost* enough to make me want to have another one (but it would have to be a girl 😉

  2. she is precious!!! my little girl was 8 months old May 20! so we have girls the same age. also, do you live in coconut grove??? I saw your post on Dear Baby, and before I saw you lived in florida I thought the scenery looked familiar. I lived there for a year–and I miss it! If not, south florida is the best…I am in PA, and missing that forever sunshine. Love to you ladies! xo


  3. you wanna talk about loving someone's kid?! i want to keep her! gah, she is the absolute sweetest!!

  4. She is beautiful. And I absolutely love your blog. It's people like you who show me that having a kid isn't the end of the world. I am so excited to have a family!

    P.S. Marlowe is lucky to have a momma like you

  5. Marlowe is so freaking cute! It kills me. She looks like such a little girl now (as opposed to a little baby girl). Happy 8 Months!

  6. every time I look at her, I get baby fever- my munchkins grew up wayyy too fast. 8 months seems so long ago to Adriana turning five, FIVE in July. yeesh. <3

    I absolutely love her little head wrap/head bands she sports in her pictures too- adorable!

  7. omg, seriously, wasn't it just 7 months yesterday?
    she looks so big in these pictures and yes, her personality is shining through!
    happy 8 months.