Ah, a weekend! A relaxing and fun weekend! My mom surprised my brother and I by letting us know last minute she was flying into town this weekend. She babysat Marlowe just about every night so I could get a few nights out with friends. It’s been pretty difficult around here— even just trying to get basic things done every night has been almost impossible. This weekend was seriously just what I needed.

So here we are with a lot of of pictures and little words…. my weekend:

Thursday: If it weren’t for Michelle there would be no photos of Thursday. I was content leaving my camera in my bag. But when I snuck off to hug an old friend I found that Michelle had grabbed it out of my bag 🙂
Michelle, Kristine, Anita and I went to World Of Beer for most of our evening. We sat around talking, and making snarky comments to each other…. also I laughed hysterically at nothing for much of the evening. After we headed out for a bit of dancing 🙂
gum at the bottom of my bag.
I don’t know what’s up with all my wispy new hairs lately.
Friday: Pizzeria. 
Romper: hannaanderson
Shoes: gift from ms. lisa of vintageshoelove
Friday night: Eric and I went to Amanda &Tom’s for a night with friends, wine, and movies. Instead of movies, Joey and I pushed for 80’s music videos. It was amazing. I am now convinced I need The Police and Duran Duran videos to play on repeat on the wall of my home…. all day, everyday. 
oh, and all my future fashion choices will be based from The Police videos.
Ms. Debbie Harry.
baby possums. 
Saturday: Eric and I walked to the German bar a block away to have a beer with intentions of going to a puppy/kitty fundraiser show after. We ran into friends and stayed at the bar.
We sat here most of the night where I convinced Eric to play many many many rounds of photohunt with me 🙂
There was three of me there. 
Sunday: my moms flight was cancelled due to bad weather. We went to a late lunch/early dinner at a diner. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing. We sat on the couch snuggled up with a baby, eating popcorn, and watching Lost. 
Yes, she’s wearing one sock– thats how the cool babies do it.

Not only did I get to go out and spend time with friends, but also…. more milk! I was actually able to produce a bit more milk by going out and relaxing a bit. I was able to pump a whole extra half bottle each morning… not enough for the dreaded memorial day weekend coming up….. but enough to maybe give me more of a break in the coming weeks. Woo!  🙂

ps. Thank you to whoever has been “liking” me on the circle of mom thing without me even asking 🙂 haha. you guys are sweet 🙂


  1. @Dusti I've tried or am still trying all those things.. minus the oatmeal.. I really really dislike oatmeal. I might try making oatmeal chocolate-y cookies… in an attempt to digest oatmeal 🙂

    @heliotrope: The shoes were a gift from a trip my mom had in paris many many many years ago 🙂

  2. My hair was silky and beautiful before my daughter's birth. Afterwards, my hair became course, thick, yuck. I had the baby hairs, too. New hair growth, I suppose.
    Glad you had fun. Can you believe I had about one night out after in the year that followed after my daughter's birth! You are blessed to have such a great Mama.
    PS: Where did you get yer shoes?! I love 'em..I'm a shoe addict, sorry!

  3. So happy you had a great weekend! And I looove photohunt. I could sit and play that for hours…

  4. i forgot to mention 2 things.

    the baby hairs are new growth from post pregnancy. happened to me too and it happens to most women.

    and i love you bag.

  5. okay so i had to open this in another window, just so that i could comment properly! where to begin..
    Thursday- i am so so glad you mentioned these baby hairs! I have been thinking about them a lot lately. for me, the started teeny tiny sprouting during pregnancy. now they're this weird under layer bang length. ew.

    friday- pizza

    saturday- awesome.

    sunday- all the pictures put a huge smile on my face. perfect ending to the weekend. for serious.

    i'm sorry that i just said "for serious"

  6. Looks like you had a blast! I remember when it was just me and Keelin… going to the grocery store alone was something I could only dream about! Being a single mom is hard- I'm glad your mom hooked you up with some YOU time <3

    By the way, you are a kickass, boob-havin', milk producin' foo! And you're awesome… I'm sure you've tried all of the nursing mommy milk-boosters like fenugreek, mother's milk tea, blessed thistle? They didn't help me near as much as eating oatmeal more often did… who knew!

  7. YAY!!! you had fun. so happy. that picture of Marlowe snuggled up on the couch is yummy. i want to eat her.

  8. that would be me, haha! <3

    your weekend, as always looks amazing. I am so so so happy you were able to produce more milk this weekend- I bet it was a huge relief for you. keep it up lady!

  9. Yay this makes me happy! All mama's need are a little R&R. And, could Marlowe get any cuter in that photo curled up with Eric? I think not.

  10. ammm yay for mummy! So good to hear you're feeling a bit more human. I'm jealous that Marlowe stills falls asleep on you, I haven't had that with Isobel since she was born. Sometimes I try to recreate those moments when she used to sleep on my shoulder but she just ends up chewing on it

  11. you need a night out 🙂 keeps you sane.

    wispy hairs = post baby fun.
    it's one of those things that nobody tells you about. i had REALLy bad hair after my first.

  12. Looks like a much needed chunk of relaxation. Also, I love the picture of the little baby opossums and your little one-socked cutie as well.