“Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion”

My long time friends will see this and be confused by the “polish” on my nails. But I figured, between: my couch, my quilt, Marlowe’s quilt and toys, my shoes, my dishes, my smiling tattoo, me and Marlowe’s outfitshere &here, my babycake’s butt,  &my home in general, it just seemed like the next smart choice was my nails 🙂


  1. I am loving the polish on both! I don't paint my nails much but recently have had the need to do it- maybe the warm weather? I painted them the loudest silver glitter color (which I have never ever done before, I always use pale pinks) and loved it! so I am on the look for even louder, in your face colors <3

    love love love this post lady.

  2. I never paint my finger nails, but this post? This post makes me want to paint my nails! <3 How fun!

  3. I am loving Melissa's guest posts on Dear Baby. Otherwise I would have not found you. Beautiful little girl and beautiful photos. Happy to have found a new blog to read!

    (My little boy is almost exactly ten months older than your little lady, he just turned 18 months this week!)

    Love your nails too.


  4. Ahahaha! That's my go-to phrase when I'm pissed off with Alex. We are VERY committed to Sparkle Motion in this house.

    Cuuuuuute nails, lady!