Last night: I cooked. Friends entertained Marlowe. We all ate. It was simple and great.

We sat around the coffee table and ate potato leek soup accompanied by toasted bread Michelle made earlier this week. Marlowe gnawed on frozen mangoes. Afterwards we cleaned up, Christine did (and broke) dishes, I spilled wine (all over my couch and Michelle), and Eric crawled around with Marlowe and the pups. It was really nice 🙂


  1. I love watching her grow through your blog, it gives me a little taste of what I'm in for! I'm glad you enjoyed your night 🙂

  2. I've wanted to try potato leek soup for a while now. We've having a little cold spell so maybe I'll look up a recipe. Care to share the one you used?

  3. those are the best times, are they not? to be able to share your home and yourself with your loved ones?
    happy to see Eric back in the picture.
    you sound happier.

  4. I always want to comment more! I wanna say how happy I am that things seem a little brighter for you – how are you doing? It's okay if you don't answer that, but I just want to ask :)!

    Your food always looks amazing. Love it.