I’m not exactly “celebrating” mother’s day….

Today is like any and every other day for me. I’m not quite pampered or taken care of, Marlowe doesn’t know to nap longer than 10 minutes because it’s ‘mother’s day’, and at the end of the day it’s still just me handling every responsibility of parenthood alone and doing what has to be done. As a parent, everyday is hard. Our job doesn’t stop, and I’m not quite sure if it becomes easier, I imagine, it doesn’t. But of course, as parents, we all know: it’s worth it. I’m not looking for pity… I just don’t care much for ‘special’ days, I’m proud of the mother I am, today and everyday. I’m proud of my mother, today and everyday. I’m proud of her mother, today and everyday. A day titled for ‘mothers’ doesn’t change today.

But despite my thoughts on mother’s day, I know this day means a lot to my mother. &I want to wish her an extra special and wonderful mother’s day. My mother has raised me to be a strong, powerful, secure, and loving woman. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She is the most important and influential woman in my life. I watched her come from very little and work very hard to become the powerful person she is today. She was there every morning, worked hard everyday, and came home every evening to make sure dinner was on the table, the kids were clean, the house was clean, and my brother and I knew we were unconditionally loved. Thank you for loving me everyday. Thank you for your unconditional support. Thank you for giving me the love I need to feel secure, while allowing me to have the space I need to grow into my own person. I can’t express enough how much you truly mean to me– trust me I can’t, & you love me despite this. Thank you. I love you, momma.

&a happy mother’s day to my step mother, Fidelina. Thank you for supporting me through of of the most challenging and difficult experiences of my life &thank you for always giving me an open ear and an open heart when I need some extra support, or someone to just *listen*.

my mom and her mom <3
&of course, I want to wish all the rest of you beautiful mothers out there a very happy mother’s day. Thank you. Thank you for doing the hardest job imaginable, being there everyday, loving, fighting, letting go when you need to, and doing everything you can to give your children the love and support they need to be amazing individuals for the people in their lives and for all following generations. Thank you for making the world a better place.

Happy mother’s day, ladies. You rule. 


  1. again- happy mother's day, my beautiful friend!!!

    and might i just say: it actually DOES get easier! when marlowe is walking and talking and you're able to communicate with her more, you'll be amazed at how day-to-day tasks get easier. i remember when poppy was around marlowe's age, i'd sometimes skip showering for days on end because she screamed in terror if i was out of her sight. now i can stick her in the bathroom with me while i get ready – she plays peek-a-boo with me through the shower curtain & tickles her nose with my makeup brushes! things like cooking, cleaning, etc are a WORLD easier with a toddler compared to a baby. at least in my experience. (;

    you are doing an INCREDIBLE job and i hope you are damn proud of yourself. xoxoxo!!!

  2. happy mothers day to you! i'm glad you have such a great relationship with your mother. she was the mother you're supposed to be. what we're going to be.

  3. happy mother's day Drea! you are special and great today and every day! Marlowe is so lucky to have you! xo

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Drea. Being a single mom on a day like today does make "it" feel like it isn't as special as people act like it is- but just remember what a kickass mom you are to your little one. She will spoil the daylights out of you once she is able <3

  5. this was all very true. my two year old decided that she liked yelling and hitting mommy today. that was my mother's day present! it was a day like any other day, but it was nice to have the husband cook a meal and clean the dishes while i sat and read my blogs, though 🙂 happy mother's day to you, too!


  6. hope you had a great day regardless. it does get easier by the way. i feel that now that Lily can walk and do things for herself, she is more independent and doesn't need me as much.