My phone broke last week…. again. It’s been mostly technical difficulties and not anything Marlowe or I has done to the phone. Apparently &luckily I was long over due for an upgrade though! Party. I had no idea Verizon was even offering iphones (yes I am pretty out of touch with a lot of things) I decided to go ahead and ditch the system crashing droid and go for the apple device.

So now, tell me. 

What are your favorite free apps? What must I absolutely install? I’m trying to stay away from anything I have to pay for unless its ridiculously important and/or necessary… for example: a pool temperature checker, a hands free vacuum cleaning app, or a baby diaper changer. I’ve already got some good recommendations via facebook, but I would seriously love some more! Lifestyle, daily tasks and errands, baby things, frivolous time consuming crap, whatever. So please, tell me! What do I want and need?!

Also, I did already get the instagram that everyone kept pushing on me.
You can follow me there, it’s private of course 🙂


  1. I love Instagram and some of the ones the other ladies listed. Also, 8mm is really great!! You can make old vintage looking videos with this one!! I love it!

  2. ok so.. words with friends, instagram, fooducate, food gawker, myfitnesspal, lablebox, facebook, angry birds, twitter, pinterest, diptic,

  3. ok ready?… they might not all be free but yeah:

    INSTAGRAM (FIRST AND FOREMOST… it is a must! and then add me joyslaughter)
    Applets – I use it for the sleep sound machine and other random things
    soundhound – can figure out whatever song you are listening to
    go to google reader and then click the plus sign at the bottom and add to home screen for reading all your fav blogs
    blogpress – incase you wanna post from your phone
    camera+ – really good filters and it can make your pictures look super great
    pano – to make panos
    pandora – internet radio
    iTorch4 – not important… just really bright flashlight if you want it or migh tuse it
    camscanfree – "scan" papers into your phone… works really well! download it test it out and keep it in the back just incase… i use it occassionally if my husband wants me to send him information on a bill or something
    vevo – if you are into music videos
    words free- scrabble with friends for free

    xylo kid

    have fun!!

  4. 1. PocketMoney Light: easy to use checkbook app
    2.FemCal Light: period tracker (though not nearly as good as MyDays that I had on droid. so booo.)
    3. diptic: lets you put multiple photos together
    4. labelbox: adds cute little labels to your photos
    5. camwow: cool filters and stuffs
    pinterest (although i can't really get into it like regular pinterst
    6. google (duh)
    7. weatherbug
    8. flashlight
    9. TINY WINGS. my favorite. pointless game. but awesome.

  5. I just got an iPhone too and a few apps I love already are "SeizeTheDay" (a to do list app), NPR Music and ShopListFree (shopping list app, obv).

  6. Hipstamatic
    Words with Friends

    those 3 along with facebook are the ones I use most! Welcome to your new addiction! I would die without my iPhone!

  7. They have TONS of baby games…like baby flash cards..and songs that sing..they're so cute!!! There's a free GPS…(if you're like me, you NEED one of those baby's) there are so many apps…I could spend all day downloading them!!!