This totally happened Monday:
Like mother, like daughter:
It’s mango season and I seriously could not be more excited. Mangos everywhere! The tree in my backyard has been taken over by those juicy little suckers!
nom nom nom


  1. Holy jealous. You have a Mango tree with FREE delicious treats hanging on it. I spend an arm & a leg just for one, even in season. blah.

    I need a new favorite fruit. A cheaper one. lol.

  2. oh the mango allergy in my house depresses me. πŸ™

    Miss Marlowe looks so cute munching away on that mango!

  3. Oh Florida… miss it! Do you ever get allergic reactions from Mango skin? Those photos alone are giving me hives! They look tasty though.

  4. Found your blog via Top Baby Blogs. Just from your first page, I really like it! Also, Mangos are so delicious. I'm going to have to buy some now. πŸ™‚

  5. oh my love for mangos and I want one pronto! very much mother like daughter, too flipping cute <3