I received an email a few weeks ago asking if Marlowe’s room would be eligible for Apartment Therapy’s Smaller Cooler Contest. Being at only 72 square feet (75 is the max) it definitely qualified. My home didn’t win the Apartment Therapy contest, there were around 200 entries (out of about 550) that were chosen and some of the homes were truly amazing. But really, give me a Manhattan apartment with the income these people have and I could do the same thing! Pfft (hehehehe). But we’re here again, asking for vote, but this time strictly for Marlowe’s room &we would love love love if you could head over to Ohdeedoh and give us a vote! (A good vote). You have to be registered to vote, but it only takes a second, &I can’t even describe how happy it would make us! 🙂

Picture 1

If you’d like to give us a vote, please go HERE!  🙂 🙂 🙂
There are three options for voting: big thumbs up/nice job/not feeling it. We would obviously love a big thumbs up <3<3<3

Thank you!
Drea &Marlowe

PS! Voting only lasts for 48 hours, so please vote soon and spread the word! 🙂


  1. can you only vote once? i voted yesterday and just tried voting again but it's not an option. and i'm not being a retard today….
    good luck!

  2. The website makes it super hard to register and vote but I persisted and voted a big thumbs up for you 🙂 xx

  3. well, i mean if Marlowe is the one blogging this, i guess i'd better vote. how's her typing skills these days? harharharhharhar 🙂

    ok, i'll stop. you've got my vote suga!

  4. I watched that contest and agree that there were some impressive entries, but yours is just as good. I love your decorating style!