Have you heard of Skakeistan? I watched the video months ago and thought it was such a great idea/organization to benefit the youth of Afghanistan. Well, recently, I found out my amazing friend Morgan had applied and landed a volunteer position as an art and skateboarding instructor for Skateistan!

Morgan really is awesome. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is going to rock that teaching position– seriously, she’s perfect for it. She is extremely creative and is going to be a great role model for any young women who encounters her.

She needs a bit of help with some of the funding and is selling prints of hers to gather some extra cash— along with setting up a donation button on her tumblr—- if you’ve got a bit to give— even a dollar it would be great. Every little bit helps 🙂  

Look at that face! How could you say no? 🙂

 Marlowe has been teething like crazy and not a fan of going to bed, but we are slowly working on it together— along with the help of Eric 🙂 (I know you guys have been messaging/tweeting to me about how great he is with Marlowe and I– don’t worry he’s still around and fantastic!) Marlowe still refuses to sleep before 1 am, but I’m getting used to it and it’s getting easier. Also, my mom is in town &last night I  was finally to get a much needed night out with my lady friends. Turns out if you put a few drinks in Michelle she goes a bit camera nuts…. she took a million pictures last night (mostly of herself– hahaha) which I will be posting later. It was a blast 🙂
I don’t have too much planned this weekend… maybe pool or beach time and helping Eric set up his new business 🙂 What are you guys up to? Hopefully some good stuff! Happy weekending 🙂


  1. This post showed up in the 'you might also like…' links – after looking at Morgan's tumbler, I noticed she knows (and worked) with my friend Rhiannon in Afghanistan! Craziness! Such a small world, and SUCH rad girls doing this kind of work. Totally amazing and inspiring!


  2. that is really exciting about your friend! headed over there after i catch up on our blog. i'm glad you have help with marlowe during these times. we have no one here and sometimes i really thought i was going to loose my mind. she'll totally get over this stage soon and you'll get to experience a full night of sleep and then another and then another. just when i thought he would never sleep decent hours, at around 10 months (?) henry started sleeping from 8pm-730am. AWESOME.

  3. Ah, small world. Morgan is a friend of my boyfriend. They've known each other since they were very young. I think she even taught him to skateboard! Or was the sole supporter of his humble skateboarding beginnings…

    Nice to hear you finally got some time to cut loose.

  4. I'm glad you were able to get some support from your mama. Nothing like a girl's night out. Been thinking of you!

    And, love the link to your friend's teaching cause. My dad is in afghanistan working as a contractor.. I know how hard it is over there, and how much support they need. Wish her the best of luck!

  5. that is awesome for your friend, what a great cause. i will have to go on there and do my part with helping with the funds.

    as far as Marlowe teething, you should really look into the amber bead necklaces. ever since Lily got hers, teething doesn't seem so bad.

    also, i'm happy Eric is still around and that your mom is there to give you some much needed time off. have a great weekend! 🙂

    here's a link about the amber: