It’s been on and off raining for a while now. Christine has been in town but this was really the only the second time I would see her while she was here, so yesterday we made an attempt to go to the beach and got rained out in a record 20 minutes. It was good while it lasted.

Also, Michelle came by in the morning to make french toast for us for breakfast. Marlowe got this later, second hand…. obviously.
As far as the potato leek soup I made the other night… I posted a recipe: HERE. There are a ton of variations that I make/can be made which I base on my mood. The most recent one, I made: super creamy by blending/pureeing very smooth with extra almond milk once the potatoes were soft. Then I let simmer for a few moments more before serving. Also, I added a whole extra small onion to the batch… cooking that down a bit before adding the leek. And because I’ve been a fat ass lately, I let about three tablespoons of butter melt down in the pot of soup while pureeing 🙂
Also, I totally still plan on posting the bread garlic soup recipe. I just need to remember to leave enough bread in my house to harden 🙂


  1. love these photos! tell me again about the suit? I remember seeing a tweet about it 🙂

  2. looks like fun!! i LOVE your swim suit and hat!! you are so freaking fashionable!

    the soup looks pretty nice too!

  3. I'm starving at the moment and feeling a bit house clustered since my munchkins are sick (after almost a year of not being sick) and your post made me both more hungry and want to run away to the beach <3