This week has been very good and pretty busy. My friend Kelly is in town for the week. I’m doing what I can to convince her to move back to south Florida…. we’ll see what happens. I’ve been sewing as much as possible and strapping Marlowe onto me as much as I can to achieve maximum cleanliness in my home. Kelly joined Eric and I for fajita night at my house this week. The next night Michelle had a falafel dinner party at her house for about 12 of us! &the night after that we headed to Kelly’s timeshare for another dinner! Tonight I am dolling Marlowe up a bit and heading out with the ladies to an art showing at a coffee house in Northwood. I’m looking forward to tonight.
Tomorrow: “Time-sharing” begins with Marlowe’s father. He is in town this weekend and will be taking her for the very first time on his own: saturday and sunday–day, but not overnight (yet). Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. We haven’t spoken at all since his last visit and my open letter— not even to discuss Marlowe. We may be spending a few hours together on one of the days he is here since I’m not exactly sure how much milk is needed for the amount of time he has assigned, but we’ll see.  We’re kind of playing it by ear. As always, we just have to hope for the best and cross our fingers for a smooth and carefree weekend. 
I’m hoping it’s a sunny weekend, I’ve got a lot planned: birthday parties, “birthday” parties (I’ll explain more later), and a celebratory pool party. I know the weather has been pretty crazy everywhere lately, but hopefully you also have some exciting plans for yourselves! Happy memorial day weekend everyone 🙂
Check back tomorrow morning for another *Diet Water* recipe guest post! 


  1. happy happy memorial day to you too <3

    keep us posted on how everything goes love.

  2. looks so pretty over there. today was super hot and muggy, no?
    glad you have been having fun and that you have a fun weekend planned out.
    hope all goes well with Marlowe and her dad.